Coming Back… (maybe?)

It has been more than a year since I have put this site on hiatus, thinking that keeping up with blog posts and reading/reviewing will just add to the stress of being a university student. However, as of late I have been missing the creative freedom of simply writing, which blogging gave me.

I still haven’t picked up a novel and finished it to the end, a shame really. I have picked up books and started reading them, but a quarter of the way through i just seem to forget that I have even picked them up.

Hence, recently I’ve started reading poetry anthologies. I may list a few of them in a following blog post, and perhaps write mini reviews about them. Saying that, I have read quite a few anthologies and they have inspired me to write my own! So, if anyone is still reading this, follow me @j_s.poetry on Instagram πŸ™ˆβ˜ΊοΈ.

Anyway, I will be happy to receive book review requests again, however me accepting to read a novel may be a rare occasion due to other commitments. But I will make a conscious effort to do as much as I can in a reasonable manner. Along with books I have bought myself. If you guys remember, I still have over 50 unread books in my shelf and they’ve collected some dust over the year.

So best tackle those now. Hope everyone is doing well!




Being a blogger //

Hello my lovely readers,

Lately I have been inspired to write. You know those moments where you want to become the writer rather than the reader?

I have always had those moments, ever time I read an article, a book, a poem or even another blogger’s blog post – I become inspired to write. Honestly, I have had so many ideas written down for the things I want to write on this blog, but I am always too scared of sharing them. They became something of a solace for me when I became far too stressed, angry, or the occasional bouts of depression.

Where reading is my companion, writing is my solace. I don’t know if I have written blog post before about why I run a blog about books, but one of the reason is because it’s one of my coping mechanisms. Sure, I’ve thought about doing this as a full time job and monetising my content – but, honestly if you’ve read the content of this blog it’s not worth monetising.

Nevertheless, I write in it because this blog has become a part of who I am, and it has become a part of my coping mechanism when times aren’t particularly peachy for me.

As I was saying, I have become inspired to write – so here I am. It’s a rambling mess, I know. I also know that only a handful of people will be reading this, but that’s okay. There is another purpose to this article however, and that is to let you guys know that I’m going to start a new series of posts on here.

I want to share some of the things that I have written in the past few months and in the future.

Well, that’s all I have to ramble about!


Tag | Rapid Fire Book Tag

Rapid Fire Book Tag copy.png

Who doesn’t love a good book tag?! It’s been such a long time since I have participated in any sort of tag at all. I have forgotten how fun they are! I would like to thank icebreaker694Β for tagging me to do this Book Tag!


I am definitely more a physical book kind of reader. As convenient and easy ebooks are to have around,Β it just seems that it takes me longer to read the book.

As weird as it sounds, I kind of like flicking through the pages, and smelling the books. It’s also a bit more personal, I feel than that of an ebook.


Either one is great. Paperbacks are just easier to have and are cheaper to buy. But, I also like hardback because their covers are just oh so lovely! However, they are so expensive and quite heavy to have in your bag, if you’re a reader like me who doesn’t leave the house without a book.


Both! I love buying books online and in-store. What I often do is order or reserve a book online and make the trip to the local store to collect it. There’s always a promo online which I can redeem even though I pay for the book in-store. Which is amazing! Also, I just love walking around the bookshop and touching all the books I could buy, but wont because I don’t have the money.

Online shopping is convenient, especially if you’re looking for a bargain – and if you don’t have a bookstore nearby. But, I love shopping in-store too. Because who doesn’t like being surrounded by books.


Trilogies. Sometimes, if the series is too long I tend to lose interest.


Honestly. Either, really. I’m more partial towards some of the minor characters at times.



Everyone who reads my blog will probably be sick of seeing The Night Circus all the time! But, GUYS READ IT!!!!


img_0049I think Em Bailey’s two novels are quite underrated,Β I really enjoyed them and they are well written books with great characters and interesting plots! Go check her novels, Shift and The Special Ones out! Continue reading

Ramblings | Goals for 2017

Hello lovely readers,

Another year has gone by, and we are yet again entering a new year with high hopes of it being better than that of the year we are leaving behind.

I am wishing everyone who is reading this a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

As how most new year’s go – it has become a weird tradition for us to make a “New Year’s Resolution” list. A ridiculous custom, that we write or make every year only not to completely fulfil. As much as I want to stray from this so called tradition, I am still going to make one – but this time, I will make it a goal rather than something I want to change about my attitude!

For the year of 2017, I have five main goals that I want to set for myself:

1. Tackle my extensive TBR pile before buying any more books!

I have counted my TBR pile and there are more than 50 books in said pile. There is a whole bookshelf dedicated to my pile, and it’s so shameful to have this many books displayed and I have not even read them. Therefore I have made it my goal to finish half of thisΒ pile by the end of April… Otherwise I will have to set a book buying ban that lasts a year!

2. Read at least 4 books in a month!

This goes hand in hand with my first goal. I am going to make myself read as many books I can in a duration of a month so that I can be done with the pile I have accumulated for myself.

3. Expand your reading horizon – read mother genres of books apart from YA!

I want to be able to read more books in general fiction, and not just YA – because right now, I am becoming less and less inspired to read books in the YA section as they all seem to be about the same thing over and over. I think I just need a break from the whole teen angst going on. I might venture on to the world of Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction! Or maybe stick to the classics!

4. Buy a book, read 2 in exchange

This is something that I read somewhere, and I cannot remember where! But, it’s a good idea! If you buy a book (which will most likely happen) you have to read two books in exchange so that your TBR pile doesn’t just keep on growing and growing!

5. Just Read

I miss being able to read whenever I can! So it’s my goal to just read – no matter how busy I become this year I need to allocate some time for my reading otherwise my brain and this book blog will suffer all of the consequences!

These are my main (bookish) goals for the New Year, and I am hoping to be able to achieve them! It’s going to be a hectic and ridiculous year, I can just tell by how I am now – and I know that nothing much is going to change. But, I do want to set goals for myself to keep me motivated throughout the year!

As for general life goals:

  1. I need to start acting like a responsible adult, and less like a child!
  2. learn how to balance my work and social life
  3. Be more active in the book blog universe!
  4. Be a little more happy…

That is all from me, and I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Feel free to leave a comment below, because I would really love to know what your 2017 goals are!

(We) Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Greetings! Lovely readers,

It’s that time of year again, when everything is wrapped in tinsel and glitter and fairy lights! I don’t know whether I love this time of year, or whether I am beginning to dislike it just that bit.


probable reaction of people when they read the bit where I say I am beginning to dislike the holiday season just that bit.

I haven’t been an active part of the book blogging community for quite some time now, and I feel anxious writing my first post in what seems to be like months. I just wanted to update the blog, and to keep my existence known – even for just a tiny moment.

This time of year, as you could probably imagine, is the busiestΒ – and surely I would have a lot of things to say and write about. But truly, I am at work all day and I simply do not have the energy to write a post – but I do have a blog journal which I keep with me throughout the day and write things down that I want to post. But I am a coward, and sometimes the things that I come up with are simply not suitable for a book blog – or maybe, it is. But I am simply afraid of what other people might think.



Happy Christmas everyone!

I have missed doing this, being able to just write whatever comes to mind and simply be… These last few weeks I have been very busy with helping out with our school nativity play, making a Christmas Post Box, making Christmas decorations for a Christmas tree festival (Which we won!) and everything is covered in glitter!


how I feel like at the moment

Glitter is just everywhere, and children love glitter so I cannot escape from the stuff! Every time I walk down the corridor I am greeted with children holding their wonderful works – submerged in a mountain of glitter. Glitter in my clothes, on my desk, on my shoes and on my books!!

Christmas shopping, I feel like this year has been the worst! I simply do not know what to get anyone for their Christmas presents that I almost gave up… I just simply wanted them to come over and have a wonderful home-cooked meal cooked by my Mother and I – but, everyone is so busy that we simply do not have the time to do things the way we used to.

In terms of reading, I haven’t been an active reader as of late. What with the chaos that comes with the Christmas season. Hence, the reason why I haven’t been posting book reviews, or anything at all for that matter!

Well, I have a few things to say with regards to Christmas and the books I am currently reading, but that’s for another post!

I’m sorry that the Title of this post, is completely irrelevant to the actual post!


Christmas Wishlist 2k15

Good Evening my lovelies, 

What’s this? Two days in a row?! 

What madness?!!! 

Any who, I’ve decided that I will be blogging everyday this month – or so I say but maybe every other day, πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’πŸ» who knows maybe sporadically throughout December? 

But in all seriousness, I’m back again! 

So let’s talk Christmas – because there’s only 23 sleeps left before the Christmas and I can feel me self start to get excited little by little. 

Who writes or creates a Christmas Wishlist? Hands-up πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ» 

Well so do I! Highfive πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I know I used to write all the things I wish Santa Claus would get me when I was little – although I knew from a young age he wasn’t real, simply because I never once received a gift saying “from Santa Claus” – or is that an indication I’ve always been a naughty child? 

But anyway, yes Christmas Wishlist! I remember writing once that I wanted to exchange my little brother for a little sister – because I apparently made a mistake asking for a little brother – like what?! 

But this year I’ve become more practical! I have written a Wishlist that even I could buy everything on the list… You ready? 

Here we go: 

  1. Food – endless amount of it
  2. Books (preferably the ones I’ve listed on the post yesterday) 
  3. New bedsheets – my old ones I’ve realised are too dark… My emo phase is finished and time to embrace who I really am – a geek who really really love owls and floral crap! 🌼 (where is the owl emoji?!!!) 
  4. Jumpers – because who doesn’t love a jumper? But according to my father dear, I own too any already but who cares? πŸ’πŸ»
  5. A new bookshelf – since the one I just bought is already filling up and I don’t think the parents will appreciate books all over the house again
  6. A scarf, a glove and a hat – because it’s England and its f/ing freezing! 
  7. New Doc Martens – burgundy ones please 😍😍

Okay I think that’s all – well that’s all I can think of anyway. 

I’m not that demanding of a person am I? Simple things that makes me happy, and I think the most expensive item that I’ve listed would be the Doc Martens – but really I’m not even fussed about whether I get those or not since I’ve still got a good pair 😍😊 

But, in reality that list isn’t what I really want for Christmas – nope, not at all. I’m not a very materialistic girl and I would rather buy this things for myself rather than have other people buy it for me. 

I suppose all I need this Christmas is to spend time with the family and some quality time with friends who are off at uni who are coming down to visit during the holidays, there’s nothing like spending time with the people who matters to you the most during the holidays. 😊

Happy holidays everyone!