Coming Back… (maybe?)

It has been more than a year since I have put this site on hiatus, thinking that keeping up with blog posts and reading/reviewing will just add to the stress of being a university student. However, as of late I have been missing the creative freedom of simply writing, which blogging gave me.

I still haven’t picked up a novel and finished it to the end, a shame really. I have picked up books and started reading them, but a quarter of the way through i just seem to forget that I have even picked them up.

Hence, recently I’ve started reading poetry anthologies. I may list a few of them in a following blog post, and perhaps write mini reviews about them. Saying that, I have read quite a few anthologies and they have inspired me to write my own! So, if anyone is still reading this, follow me @j_s.poetry on Instagram 🙈☺️.

Anyway, I will be happy to receive book review requests again, however me accepting to read a novel may be a rare occasion due to other commitments. But I will make a conscious effort to do as much as I can in a reasonable manner. Along with books I have bought myself. If you guys remember, I still have over 50 unread books in my shelf and they’ve collected some dust over the year.

So best tackle those now. Hope everyone is doing well!




Why I Read Young Adult Fiction

Reading is a skill we are taught at a young age. Most see it as a necessity or a bore, but some people find pleasure in reading for fun. There are many different reasons why people read, and definitely more reasons as to why a person read a certain genre.

That’s what we’re going to be talking, or I’m going to be talking about today.

Why do I read my chosen genreYA?

Reading wasn’t a favourite past time in my household when I was growing up, it still isn’t. I am on my own when it comes to the consuming of novels and works of literature, occasionally my younger brother would join the team. However, the one thing that I haven’t really thought about when it comes to reading is the reason why I read a particular genre, that is Young Adult novels… apart from the fact that it is technically the most popular genre of novels amongst the book community, as far as I am aware.

Often times, I just follow the crowd and see where they are heading at. That’s how most things happen for me anyway, go with the flow and see where it leads me, if I like it. Well, I stay. If I don’t? Then I have to follow a different stream. Easy as.

But, that’s the easy answer to the question. The kind of answer I’ll give someone who asks me why I read YA novels. It isn’t, however, the full reason why I read this particular genre of fiction.

Firs of all, Young Adult novels are generally easier for me to read, there aren’t as much complicated language involved, with words I don’t normally use in my everyday vocabulary (of course, there are some authors who likes to add big words – I’m looking at you John Green). Which makes the novel easier to understand and helps with the flow of the story. I tend to find in adult fiction novels that I don’t really understand the story as well as I normally would, and would have to read a dictionary alongside it. So, there’s that.

Secondly, I just find the characters to be more relatable at the moment, especially as I still see myself as a teenager even though I won’t be considered as such in a few weeks’ time. Young Adult novels tend to target teenage experience, and all have very similar themes within them – which makes them easier to read.

But most of all, I believe that YA novels are becoming a bit more out there with their messages. It’s kind of evolving to become more relatable to the real world, and although the situations may be fictional many authors are using these novels as mediums in a way to educate teenagers about what’s happening in the real world. It’s no longer exclusive to teenage angst and romance, as now it kind of also focuses on the political/philosophical aspects of life.

These are just my views however.

I do want to know why you guys read a certain genre of novels/books?

Currently Reading | Everything, Everything. A Study in Scarlet. The One Memory of Flora Banks.

Seasons greetings my lovely readers!

Tis the season to be jolly, and I am here with a new blog post! I have been away from this blog for far too long and I miss rambling and writing, and simply sharing my love for books.

Sooo…. here’s to you guys!

giphy (7).gif


Anyway, today I have decided to write a post about the books I am currently reading. Although I haven’t had the time to actually just relax and enjoy a book, I have been taking advantage of public transportation when I am going to and from work. The only silver lining of public transport, in my honest opinion.

So… Ordinarily I would only read one book at a time, but this time, I have been reading three books!

1. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

I have heard so many good things about this novel, especially when it first came out. I didn’t succumb to the pressure of everyone reading this novel. Instead, I ignored it for as much as I possibly could, until my curiosity got the best of me.

Anyway, as I am writing this article – I am near the end of the book. All I have to say is that… I definitely did not see that one coming – but definitely saw that one coming.

I also really enjoy looking at the illustrations!

A book review will be up soon!

2. The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

What a frustrating read!

Me saying that, I think in the case of this book is a praise!

Flora Banks suffers from short term memory loss, where she is unable to recall anything she’s done for the past seven years – until the kiss that is.

So, this novel is in Flora’s P.O.V. obviously – and everything that she sees, and recalls and experiences is what you, as a reader experiences too. It’s very repetitive, and very frustrating – which I believe emulates the exact same feeling that Flora must be feeling.

So far, I am quite enjoying reading this book

**Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from NetGallet in exchange of an honest review

So, look out for my book review of this novel!

3. A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I have a confession to make…

Although I am a massive fan of Sherlock… I have never actually read any of the novels by Sir Conan Doyle. I am very much ashamed of this, and I wanted to come clean.

Hence, this is my first Sherlock Holmes novel!

Let me tell you completely biased I am, and how in-love I am with the book already!

I will not be posting a book review for this book… because all I will probably talk about is how lovely and wonderful it is – and, you know… biased opinions.

On a completely different note, I am not in the best of moods at this moment in time. I just got back from my practical riving test, and this is the second time I have failed the exam! It’s so frustrating! Hopefully, the third time will be the charm!

Love you guys, and I will see you in the next blog post!


Can we take a moment to appreciate how Christmas-y my dining/living room is! Perks of having parents who has more Christmas spirit than I. Loving it to bits, especially with the hanging lights over the dining table! img_0946

As for my bedroom, this is as Christmas-y as it will get. And to tell you the truth, these are going to be staying up for the whole year round, because they do not even look like Christmas decorations at all!

img_0950This really is the end of this post!


Jhan xx


Excuses, Social Media, Books and more

Hey Guys!

It has been a while since I last posted something on my blog, and it’s completely my fault. I’ve been meaning to get back into writing book reviews and other posts – but I just couldn’t bring myself to writing anything. Honestly, I started this blog so that I could share my opinions on books and what not – but I haven’t been doing much of that lately. I think it’s because I feel like maybe it was a mistake for me to start a blog reviewing books – because I read for the pleasure of reading, but then I also want to share my opinion and I am very conflicted!

But anyway, I think I may be back for good now – I may be writing more content (and this time I mean it!) and sharing more things rather than just books!

And if I’m not back for good – I’m also in tumblr and Instagram, here are my social media profiles:

  • Tumblr:
    • here you can see all the stuff that I like, and all the things that I am about. I just tend to share other people’s blog posts so not much of my own content there hehe
  • 2nd Tumblr:
    • my 2nd tumblr blog, which mostly consists of study posts and stuff relating to school – because I’m a bod like that. But here you will see one of the things I am most passionate about – studying!
  • Instagram: @studiousteenreads
    • I mostly post pictures of books – because I’m all about the books, I’ve been posting almost everyday the past week – so if you actually want updates from me, then you will be able to reach me here! So follow me!

I am more likely to be updating and using these accounts since I’ve got the apps on my phone, sadly I don’t have enough memory space to download wordpress on my phone – so yea, I will be updating you guys mainly on these three sites.

I have been quite busy, and am still quite busy up to now – since I’ve managed to get a part-time job (which I am currently loving and although it means I don’t have much free time anymore, I think its okay because working where I work I really do love it there although I’ve only been there for like a week – but I work with lovely people and the customers are very nice and lovely) and school is going to be a pain as well since I’ve been given  a lot of work to do! But that’s fine because I’ve been managing it and having made plans and schedules means that I should be able to stay on top of my workload.

Well, that is the end of the excuses (I think) and now we are onto books!

So over the past two weeks (or so, I can’t remember the last time I posted something) I have been reading more books, and these books I either love completely or got bored not even a quarter through and just dropped it on the floor never to be picked up again. So I’ll quickly go through the books that I’ve read recently!

More Than This by Patrick Ness

First up is this lovely, lovely book. I really enjoyed reading it (I read it at night so it resulted in me staying up until one in the morning, but that is fine) and I loved everything about the book. More Than This is a book about Seth Wearing who died from drowning – but then woke up in what he believes is his personal hell, since he woke up in the English town he grew up in, where bad memories that he’d rather forget happened.

There’s quite a few philosophical questions thrown in there too – mainly about the big questions – like existentialism and reality… I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Ah! I can’t write a summary of the story without giving everything away, because once I start talking about it I don’t think I’ll be able to stop – I’ll just a word vomit and I’ll spoil it for you! So as John Green said “JUST READ IT” – because it’s that good – in my opinion.

There’s one thing I know for sure though, I will be buying other works by Patrick Ness soon and reading more of his work  because I really loved More Than This!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Now here is a book that I can totally relate too. It’s about Cath who is a fangirl and she’s an introvert and would rather stay inside her dorm room writing fanfiction about Simon and Baz!

I too once wrote fanfictions, and still read quite a few of them, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. There’s just something about finishing a book and not quite being satisfied with the ending – or you are satisfied with the ending but you want to read more about these characters you have become so attached with. So, I can completely understand Cath!

What I really loved about this book is how it seems unrealistic, but when you know that you’re somewhat like the main character – you can completely relate to it and understand everything about it! I mean I know I was like that at some point. There’s also the bonus contents from the fanfiction that Cath is writing – but, there’s also a drawback of that – it doesn’t really add much to the story apart from Cath’s dedication in writing the her fanfic and also reading it out to Levi (her roommates ex-boyfriend/friends/and later on her boyfriend).

Ah, I just loved the book! I’m looking forward to read more from Rainbow Rowell (I just need to make sure that I save up enough money to buy me some more books)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll

It’s a classic children’s book – what can I say, I love classics and Alice in Wonderland was one of my favourite childhood Disney film, so I decided on a whim to buy the book at TK Maxx (which cost me only £3.99 by the way compared to the RRP of £10) and started reading it once I got on the bus.

Need I say more?

And last on my “read” list is…

It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

This has been a wonderful read as well, it’s about a teenager who is suffering from depression, which has led him to want to commit suicide just to get away from the pressure and stress he is experiencing from the school he is in. As a result he admits himself into a Psychiatric Hospital where he stay for four days, and there he starts to get better – but not fully but at least he want to “live, live, live, live, live”.

I think this has been one of the best reads I’ve had so far, since it is something truly amazing – it openly talks about depression and how it can lead to suicidal thoughts and how there is always help and hope in everything! That you shouldn’t give up and keep on living because you have to think about the future, and you have to think about yourself – but also think about the other people around you who will be affected.

It’s not like any other books I’ve read – I don’t think I’ve read a book that depicts what it’s really like for a teenager – with school, and social expectations – the stress of it all, and how it can take a toll on us. Then there’s also the hope that it represents – how there is hope in everything!

But… the author sadly died in 2012 from the disease that Craig managed to survive – depression.

On that note, I would also like to share something that I will be taking part in in the near future. My school have taken the initiative to raise awareness about mental health amongst teenagers and its importance, and a month ago a lady came to talk to us about the initiative in an assembly. So as a result, she asked people in my school if they wanted to volunteer – and I, feeling strongly about this (because although I may not suffer from mental health issues, I know people out there are) volunteered – sadly, I missed the first meeting today – but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up soon though because I think that this is a great opportunity to be a part of.

Mental Health issues, like depression, anxiety and even stress (and other much more severe diseases) are being taken lightly or even stigmatised as something that shouldn’t be spoken out loud in public, that it should be something to be ashamed of. But I really think that by stigmatising this topic, we are not helping anyone – and we are just keeping many, many people from becoming aware and less ignorant of the importance of mental health.

In two weeks time, there will be another meeting and I hope that I will be able to go then. Hopefully I will be able to share with you what is happening and what the plan is – and soon I hope that more people have considered more the importance of mental health and that it is something that we should be talking about and not avoiding – because it makes a difference to a person who is suffering from any form of mental health issue.

So that’s something that I wanted to share with you guys.

On a different note, I think I’ve mentioned this several times in my previous posts – but I may be posting some school series stuff for all you students out there! so look out for those (if I ever get around to them)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my rambles and what not.

See you soon,


It’s all about the hair

Hair, hair, hair!!!

Ever had any regrets when it comes to your hair… Be it dyeing/bleaching your hair and it went orange or not the shade you wanted, a haircut way too short or completely different to what you wanted etc… 

I don’t have any particular qualms when it comes to my hair or the haircuts – although there was this one time I asked my hair to be cut just below the shoulder but the hairdresser cut it shorter than what I asked 😭 – but that isn’t what this post is about! 

Having dark hair is great and I love having it, but as with any other hair colour – the owner sometimes gets bored with it and decides to shake things up a bit and bleach it or change it into a completely different colour like pink, blue, or any pastel or bright neon colours! 

I was born with naturally dark brown hair 👧🏽 I love my hair to bits, but I also want to explore and be a little bit adventurous with my hair. 

With that in mind, I went to hairdressers asking whether it would be possible for them to dye/bleach my hair, only the ends of my hair… Nothing too drastic – but most refused or advised me not to do it… Simply because I’m guessing because my hair is too dark and it would take a while to lift off the colour and it would damage my “beautiful” hair (as they called it). 

I said okay “thank you for your advise” smiled politely and walked away and went to the shop bought the bleach and did it myself. I regretted it while I was doing a strand test, “what the heck am I doing?” I kept on asking myself, but I carried on anyway. This is the riskiest thing I have ever done! 

But it turned out okay, although it’s a bit more orange than blonde, it’s all good 👍🏽 I quite like it. And if I’m really desperate to get it off, I could just chop my hair off, considering it’s waist length. Do I regret it? A little bit, but hey, it’s a great experience! 

But, I wouldn’t advise anyone to take the risk that I took when it’s your first time dying your hair. Why? Because you could damage your hair and you might not get the right colour that you want or that your hair will get too damaged and broken. 😔 

So if you decide you want to change your hair colour, I suggest that you go to professional! 

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Well, I Never….”