Graphic Novels

Hello my lovely readers,

If you have read my previous blog post here, you may recognise a couple of books that I haven’t exactly touched on at all in my years a book blogger – and those are graphic novels!

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When creativity strikes! 

Between years 9 through to 11 art had been my passion – I spent countless hours drawing and creating art from different mediums. 

I was never without my creative muse and I always had something to draw or sketch or doodle. 

Then I entered sixth form and that was when I stopped (not completely) doing art, I became so obsessed with my school work and trying to make sure that I was going to pass my exams and that I’m not losing my head. 

I still had bursts of creativity here and there – drawing some of my favourite characters, painting the furniture in my house, sketching a random chibi or making patterns on the front covers of my journals. 

Only recently, did I start creating art again. I was suddenly struck with ideas of what I can draw and what I should be doing with my free time. 

I realised how stressed I’ve become with school, and how I compeletely abandoned one of my passions only to be replaced with stress and anxiety. 

So, a week ago, I held a pen in my hand and started to draw – and the result is what your ill see below.   

I plan on keeping art as something that relaxes me, something that will keep me sane when school takes its toll on my mind and starts breaking it. It’s my anchor when things don’t go well, and when things are going well. 

Hi, Hello!

Poncho GuyHELLO!

It has been a few days since I actually posted something, and I feel ashamed 😦 Sorry, that I haven’t been more active and posting, but I have been quite busy with school.

We’re going in to the 4th week mark, and I already have a research project to do and I haven’t finished my research yet! I am having so much trouble with making a questionnaire and finding people who are willing to participate on the research, so I’m doing my hardest asking people around school whether they will be willing to do it.

Oh, by the way, meet poncho guy! He’s one of the drawings that I have been working on, and I’m really happy with how he turned out!

Anyway, I have a favour to ask!

If you don’t mind me asking, do you mind filling out this questionnaire/survey for my sociology research project. I will be forever in your debt if you helped me, Thank you in advance!

This research is about the public/young people’s opinion on youth crime, and I am finding out what people actually think and what sort of experiences they have on youth crime.

On another note, I think I may be uploading more drawing and art stuff on here, because I feel like wanting to share my art work more often! Mother used to nag me to show everyone my ‘talent’ for drawing (although I doubt I have that much of a talent) so I’d rather post it anonymously at the moment 🙂

So look forward to that, and I am also taking in people’s suggestions on what I should draw! Looking forward for your suggestions if you do drop by and give me some :)!

About Me – An Introduction

My name is ___nielle, or it is what  I like  to be known for now. I am 17 – turning 18 in 23 days (August is my month), and I am a sixth for student (I’m supposed to be going to university but personal circumstances I am not) I am hoping to study philosophy at University and maybe get a post grad law degree.

I am in love with books and I enjoy reading to the  point where  I spend half of my monthly allowance on books. I like reading all sorts of book genre, b  it fiction o  nonfiction, romance or action, fantasy or crime I would read it.
My favourite books are Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Hobbit and The  Lord of The Rings, The Fault in Our Stars and The Perks of Being a Wallflower

As a sixth former my favourite subject is Philosophy and Ethics as well as History, actually I went on a phase  where I bought loads of philosophy related books – like David Hume’s Critique, and Peter Vardy’s Puzzle of Ethics. Then there’s also the fact that I try to fit in any philosophical ideas when I am discussing issues with someone – it is mostly in the case of religion.

I also love baking and cooking, baking mainly cupcakes – chocolate, coconut, muffins, coffee, etc… in terms of cooking, I mainly cook Filipino dishes and sometimes other Asian cuisines as well, and other times some Western cuisines. I may or may not be posting recipes here 😁, but who knows right?

Arts and crafts, another hobby of mine, and it drives my parents crazy when I start on a project because I always leave the house in such a state. But it’s just one of the perks with having to live with me. Blogging is a recent interest of mine, I was curious as to what people wrote and what people read and thought – hey why not give it a go, so I started with Tumblr because  it’s in my opinion the easiest platform – I didn’t really blog on there – I just shared pictures and posts that I liked, then I made another blog – a study blog to be  precise – because  I was  and still am really into  studying… like I really love it, it’s unbelievable.

What else, oh, I’m also shy – or maybe I’m just an introvert who doesn’t know how to properly socialize with other human beings  other than when I’m working or when I am talking to adults and children, otherwise I cannot for the  life  of me speak normally to people my age or close to my age …. I’m socially awkward basically. But I do try, sometimes I make an effort, but other times I just like listening to others. I suppose you could say that blogging is my way of slowly moving out of my comfort zone, because now I have to write things about myself which I haven’t really done, and strangers could read it anytime.

Well, that is all I can say about me at the moment. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading its content 🙂

___nielle xxx

tis_jan – little brother’s artworks

“Spray paint is bae”  – tis_jan

My little brother has a thing for finding new hobbies, once he gets interested in something he will find a way of doing it during his own time. First he got obsessed with glitch hop, so he decided that for his 14th birthday he wants a synthesizer – and from there henceforth, the house was just filled with his (annoying, IMO) music. At this point, he decided that he wants to become sound engineer because he like (and I quote) “to control the music”

He’s right next to me at the moment, playing one of the music he made- not gonna lie, it’s actually pretty good (I know I’m also contradicting myself).

Anyway, I digress from the main point of this blog entry. Recently, he found an interest in spray painting! Between the two of us, he’s the more creative one (and hate to admit it, the smarter one as well). Here I am writing this post to share to the world his art.

This JokerThis is his first attempt at spray painting, not so bad if I say so myself for a first attemptThis Darth VaderThis Space Invader

He then followed it up with these two, Darth Vader and a Space Invader (he wanted me to tell you that this was inspired by his binder which has the same space invader on it as well).

If you want to find more of his artwork you can find him on instagram/pikore @tis_jan.