Book Review | Nimona by Noelle Stevenson 


This is a graphic novel about a shapeshifting girl who forces an Evil villain to let her be his sidekick/apprentice. He is a moody, one-armed villain; a villain who has moral codes and one who has a tragic backstory, and she, as straightforward and impulsive she is, slowly melts his heart and makes him somewhat happy again.

Noelle Stevenson has created a wonderful set of characters. I loved Nimona so much, and she is unique and amazing. She isn’t perfect, I mean she is more a villain than her boss – Ballister!

I’m not a kid. I’m a SHARK

There’s so much humour in this graphic novel. It made me giggle and laugh out loud several times. However, there are darker and more emotional contents in this piece of art; such as Nimona’s story, and the reason why Ballister became a villain. I cannot fault the author/artist in her delivery of her story because they are very fleshed out and these characters are as real as they can be. 

The relationships between characters are wholesome and none of them are half-hearted. Nimona may seem like a selfish teenager, but if you really look at her as an individual, she cares a lot about her mentor. What she is as a villain does not define who she is as a person, her actions may be irrational and very much spontaneous and disastrous – but her feelings towards her mentor is as real as how a student looks up to their teacher. 

Ballister Blackheart is a bit more complicated with his relationships with the different characters involved in the story. He is a villain with a moral code, he will not endanger the lives of innocents if he can help it, and he will not injure or kill his nemesis (Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin). His relationship with Nimona is the most notable aspect of this graphic novel. Although he was initially against the idea of having a sidekick, he relented to Nimona’s ever persuasive (if not aggressive) ways. Their Maste-Sidekick relationship however, is nothing like your Batman-Robin trope (but villain style). In fact, the dynamic is all off, and sometimes it feels like Blackheart is the sidekick and Nimona is the main antagonist. But, their relationship does develop a lot throughout the story – where they come to care for each other and built up a friendship that will surely last.

Of course, there’s also Blackheart’s relationship with his suppsed nemesis, Sir Goldenloin (by the way, his name makes me laugh). It’s quite complicated in the sense that it’s very much a sort of a love-hate relationship. There isn’t really anything malicious going on, and you get to understand how and why Blackheart became the man he has become, and it involves Goldenloin. It’s quite frustrating actually, the relationship between these two characters. Throughout the whole thing I really did think that one is in-love with the other, or maybe I am just reading too much into it, and it’s really just a simple brotherly love. 

I think I have rambled enough about characters and relationships. Let’s talk about the art style!

I loved Stevenson’s art style, it reminds me very much of Adventure Time – but, that isn’t exactly relevant at this point. The art style I loved because it’s simple and simple is very nice. I don’t really know what else to say, apart from how lovely the art is. 

Overall, I think that this is an absolute gem of a book, and would highly recommend this to individuals who are just starting to read graphic novels. It has a great story and character development, and the art is absolutely stunning. It’s easy to read, and although it may seem light, it does get pretty dark in some parts.  


Hiatus in progress

Hello my lovely readers, 

It’s been more than two months since the last time I made a blog post on here – and that’s a long time. I haven’t given any warning or mention to my blog hiatus and it’s going to be filled with sorry excuses that nobody will probably want to hear. 

First things first, I am fully aware that I am extremely behind with a lot of things in terms of this blog. I haven’t been able to take the time to just sit down and read a book, what with having classes every other day, then assignments and essays needing to be done – there’s just no time for me. It is very frustrating, to not be able to enjoy something that I love, but it’s all about time management.

Secondly, I just started my first ever placement. As much as I enjoy working, it does take a lot of my time. There are breaks, but they are just often enough to sit down and eat lunch or a snack and relax for a couple of minutes. There isn’t exactly time for me to write a quick blog post, or even read a book. 

Lastly, I am behind on two book reviews that should have been up since May. I will try my best to get those book reviews up as soon as possible this month and hope that I don’t do this to myself again. 

Hopefully, this coming August I will be able to do more in this blog, and that I will be able to catch up on my reading. At the moment, I am not taking any book review requests due to the fact that I have not the time to read a whole book and write a review in a timescale – therefore I apologise in advance. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


Graphic Novels

Hello my lovely readers,

If you have read my previous blog post here, you may recognise a couple of books that I haven’t exactly touched on at all in my years a book blogger – and those are graphic novels!

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Book Haul | April 2017

Hello my lovely readers,

This is a blog post that I have not done in the past few months! Due to book buying ban and all that shenanigans. But I finally caved in and bought a “few” books that I thought I should buy – but definitely wont read until I am seventy-years-old!

In all seriousness, I have been really good in preventing myself from buying any books – in fact for a few weeks I haven’t even thought of buying books at all. But then… my colleagues from work – or ex-colleagues, were kind enough to gift me with a £50.00 Waterstone’s voucher!!!! I was so shocked and so grateful for this parting gift that they have given me!! But… let me tell you a secret. I actually haven’t used up the voucher yet. In fact I only bought one book using the voucher, the rest of the haul is from my own funds!

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Book Review | Caraval by Stephanie Garber


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Scarlett and Tella have never left the tiny isle of Trisda, pining from afar for the wonder of Caraval, a once-a-year week-long performance where the audience participates in the show.

Caracel is Magic. Mystery. Adventure.

When the sisters’ long-awated invitations finally arrive, it seems their dreams have come true. But no sooner have they arrived than Tella vanishes, kidnapped by the show’s mastermind organiser, Legend.

Scarlett has been told that everything that happens during Caraval is an elaborate performance. But she quickly becomes entangled in a dangerous game of love, magic and heartbreak.

And real or not, she must find Tella before the game is over, and her sister disappears forever.

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Should You Annotate Your Books?

Hello my lovely readers,

I have been wanting to give discussion posts another try, you know to connect with my readers a little bit more. I’m far too introverted even online to even start up a conversation! Anyhow.

Book annotation is one of the things that we debate about as bookworms. I mean we love our books too much to deface them.. right? We won’t even bend the spine! Books must stay aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

I agree! However, I also disagree. (I hate these kinds of things, because I always end up sitting on the fence).

For most of my life, I never wrote on my books. Apart from writing my name at the front of my books, I never underline or wrote notes on them. If I had to, I would use post-it notes and index tabs.

“Writing on you books are a big no-no” for me. Back then.

However, when I decided to write book reviews as a hobby. That mentality kind of changed. With my kindle, I was constantly writing notes and highlighting passages. Of course, this is different when it comes to paperbacks and hardbacks. I still had my reservations. However, lately – I just can’t be arsed to bring post-it notes with me, or a separate notebook for notes. Especially since I started working.

It’s kind of hard to write down on a piece of paper or a sticky when most of your reading time is done on public transportation. So I have been using pencils to write marginalia. I also started to think that marginalia makes the book a little bit more personal too. It shows that you have given thought to the passage and the text, and maybe even questioned it.

But there’s still the perfectionist side of me. I still dislike writing on the book pages, because it’s messy. Sometimes, it’s just nice to flick through unmarred pages. To see the pristine print of text without any random markings you have no clue was there for.

So here’s my question for you!

Should You Annotate You Books?

I’d really love to see your comments, and your opinions on the matter!

What have I been up to?

Hello lovely readers,

For the past month or so, I haven’t been very active in terms of social media. Since it is pretty much my last week of holiday for the next few months, I thought I would give you a general update.

Reading Slump and Book Buying Ban

Since the end of January I haven’t been able to read or pick up a book. Even though I wanted to read… I just couldn’t focus on doing so at all. In fact, I am so behind in my book reviews that it is getting ridiculous now.

I do have a few book reviews lined up that I will be uploading in the next couple of days, so look out for those (though they may be outdated by then… I am so sorry!!!) I have also prepared some blog posts that will be scheduled to go live in the next few weeks – because knowing how my schedule is starting from next week, I won’t be able to physically update this blog for a little while – maybe.

As for the book buying ban… Three months I haven’t bought a single book, and I am pretty pleased with myself. However, I did succumb to buying books again in the last couple of days… But, I don’t regret it at all!

In fact, that just gave me an idea as to what my next post is going to be about! ….. APRIL BOOK HAUL!

That’s pretty much where I am at the moment in terms of my reading life!

Work, School and Social Life

For the past six months, I have been working as a TA and Admin Support in a school – it has been an amazing experience and I am so glad that I took a year off from school to just gain more experience of what it’s like being an adult.

Conclusion…. it’s crap.

I don’t want to be an adult, and I will forever live under my parents roof because it’s difficult. This past few months of acting like an adult – paying some of my utility bills and car insurance, and paying for my own car… It’s hard. I don’t know how my parents does it. I don’t know how any adult does it! I have discovered how bad I am at budgeting my money, and I splurge way to much on things that I do not need. Help me!

Now, one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to update this blog for quite some time is because of the fact that I have been spending most of my time rediscovering my inner student. Because, praise the Lord! After a lot stressful and sleepless nights worrying about my future goals and career, I am going to University! It has been a rough road getting here, but finally, finally, FINALLY I managed to get here.

I have been spending a lot of time reading up on my course, and doing some work even before it starts…. let’s just say that I want to be prepared for this. Hence, I haven’t been much of a reader lately.

Social life, still non-existent -hoping that this will improve soon though!

-Jhan x