Currently Reading | Here I Stand: Stories That Speak for Freedom


Everyday in the news we see freedoms we enjoy in
our own lives being denied to others. Every day sees us
moving closer to losing some of those freedoms ourselves.

We should all have the right to protest, to follow any religion,
to speak out without fear, dress as we want and have same-sex
relationshps. But we don’t. In some parts of the worls, any one
of these actions can be punished by imprisonment or even death.

Wherever we live, we mustn’t take our rights for granted. 

All of them have been fought for.

We must fight to keep them.

We have all seen the news, we’ve read about the breaches in people’s human rights in social media – some of us may have experienced these, too.

This is a wonderful collection of short stories and prose written by various authors. They write about different forms of freedoms and how different individuals have been oppressed by society.

This kind of book will always be relevant, be it several hundred years ago, right now or in the future – these social issues relating to freedom of speech, religion, gender, race, and sexuality will remain. Therefore, it is not a book that should be disregarded at all.

In recent years, we have become more skeptical about everything that we experience, we have become bolder in speaking out and in doing what we believe is the right thing to do. Increasingly, young people’s voices are becoming louder in addressing issues – because no matter how you look at it, we are most affected by everything as being part of the new generation who will inherit this world we are living in.

This book, I don’t know exactly how I will be able to review it because each story is unique and has their own message – and all I can say is that I will be highly recommending this book to any one and every one to read.


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