Graphic Novels

Hello my lovely readers,

If you have read my previous blog post here, you may recognise a couple of books that I haven’t exactly touched on at all in my years a book blogger – and those are graphic novels!

Last month, I decided to take the plunge and try out a new format of books – and thought Graphic Novels would be perfect. And they were. I mean I have read Manga’s before – but I have to say that they do have their differences, and I am not entirely sure which one I prefer.

I did a little bit of searching around the internet before I bought any graphic novels. I am aware that a lot of these books are based around Marvel and DC – and as much as I enjoy watching Marvel films… superheroes didn’t really appeal to me when I was doing my search. I don’t think I’ll ever actually read any Marvel graphic novels – but who knows.

As I mentioned, I did some searching on the net – and the first two that caught my eye were: Nimona and Through the Woods.

I have to admit, that I really did enjoy reading these graphic novels – Through the Woods was actually my first choice and I am super glad that I bought it. It’s just so creepy and the art is wonderful. It may be a catalyst to a new kind of book addiction.

Then I purchased Nimona not short afterwards. This one, was recommended a fair bit for graphic novel beginners. I really liked it, and I can’t complain at all. I liked the story line and I loved the art style. The characters were great and it’s kind of nice reading a book about the villain and not the hero – for once.

Overall, I think I will be buying more of these kinds of books in the future. I just need to find one that I will actually like and not because it’s popular or what-have-you, a lot of research will be needed – and a lot of searching in bookstores as well.

Honestly, it wasn’t easy finding these books in my local bookstores at all… I had to rummage through a lot of Marvel and DC graphic novels to finally find these. So… You know, the internet is your friend if you are wanting to buy a book that isn’t as mainstream.

The reason behind my wanting to read other genres/format of books is due to a resolution that I kept in mind for the new year. I know we’re already 5 months in to the year, but it’s never too late to try something new. I have challenged myself to be a little bit more adventurous in my life in general – and where I started it with a change of heart in what career I wanted to go to and applied to Uni, I have also started somewhere small in terms of just trying out new things like this.




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