Should You Annotate Your Books?

Hello my lovely readers,

I have been wanting to give discussion posts another try, you know to connect with my readers a little bit more. I’m far too introverted even online to even start up a conversation! Anyhow.

Book annotation is one of the things that we debate about as bookworms. I mean we love our books too much to deface them.. right? We won’t even bend the spine! Books must stay aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

I agree! However, I also disagree. (I hate these kinds of things, because I always end up sitting on the fence).

For most of my life, I never wrote on my books. Apart from writing my name at the front of my books, I never underline or wrote notes on them. If I had to, I would use post-it notes and index tabs.

“Writing on you books are a big no-no” for me. Back then.

However, when I decided to write book reviews as a hobby. That mentality kind of changed. With my kindle, I was constantly writing notes and highlighting passages. Of course, this is different when it comes to paperbacks and hardbacks. I still had my reservations. However, lately – I just can’t be arsed to bring post-it notes with me, or a separate notebook for notes. Especially since I started working.

It’s kind of hard to write down on a piece of paper or a sticky when most of your reading time is done on public transportation. So I have been using pencils to write marginalia. I also started to think that marginalia makes the book a little bit more personal too. It shows that you have given thought to the passage and the text, and maybe even questioned it.

But there’s still the perfectionist side of me. I still dislike writing on the book pages, because it’s messy. Sometimes, it’s just nice to flick through unmarred pages. To see the pristine print of text without any random markings you have no clue was there for.

So here’s my question for you!

Should You Annotate You Books?

I’d really love to see your comments, and your opinions on the matter!


2 thoughts on “Should You Annotate Your Books?

  1. I’m a bit hypocritical about this. Whenever I buy second hand books, I like to pick the version with notes scribbled in the margins because it feels like the book’s been lived in and actually enjoyed. Like the reader didn’t just buy it for the aesthetics. But I’ve never annotated my own books because I like to keep it clean and untouched (I can’t even bring myself to highlight or underline favourite sections).

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    • Completely understand – it’s great buying secondhand books with annotations in them! But yes, writing on your own book can be a bit hard, but… highlighter tabs and post it notes are your friends if you want to highlight your books without leaving a permanent mark on your book.

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