A Compilation of Books to Re-read

Hello my lovely readers,

TBR pile are all the rave these days. How can they not be? When all we do all year long is buy books even though we have millions of unread ones sitting on our bookshelves. It’s a love-hate relationship really.

For the past several months, I have refrained from buying books until I have sorted out my TBR pile into a manageable and reasonable size. However, today I am going to be talking about the books I really want to re-read after all this TBR malarkey’s all sorted out.

  1. The Harry Potter Series

    I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Who would have thought, right? I don’t think this one needs any form of explanation, because it’s just a classic not amongst readers like me to re-read the books countless times.

  2. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

    This was definitely one of the best books I have ever read! It’s one of those books that I wish I had taken the time to really read and appreciate. There’s so many things about this book that I have missed because of my tunnel vision (not literally, more like figuratively). The plot twists and the overall amazing writing style.

  3. We Were Liars

    I read this book in one night, literally started it at 9 and finished it at 2 in the morning. It was an intriguing read, and since it is the first novel I have read by Lockhart, I was surprised by how intricate the writing was. How the plot-twist avoided detection. I definitely want to re-read this again.

  4. Peter Pan

    My favourite Disney movie, and childhood book. I simply cannot skip on re-reading this one.
  5. Night Circus

    I have raved about this book so much, that I don’t think I have to explain why I want to re-read it!

  6. Shock of the Fall

    It’s such a great novel about mental health, that I think it should be read by everyone even at least ones. I loved this book, of course I had my reservations when I started reading it, but ones I got into the rhythm of the story – I just fell in love with it.

These are only 6 of the books that I want to re-read, but I have decided that I will only make this like an annual thing for me. To get my TBR pile under-control and then re-read books I have missed. Next year, I will make another list!

Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog!



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