Favourite Online Bookshops

Buying books is one of the many joys of being a bookworm, and more so when you are a book blogger like myself. Buying books means new books to review! Which I love doing but, it seems I haven’t been able to do this so much as of late. Nevertheless, as much as I love buying books from bookshops… you know, the ones where you get to walk-in and touch all the spines of all these wonderful books and smell the very essence of them… yeah….

I also love buying book from the internet. Because, most of the time they are relatively cheaper to buy online rather than in bookstores. So, today I am going to be sharing with you guys four of my favourite online bookshops!

1. Waterstone’s

For me, nothing beats this wonderful bookstore. It is the best of the best, in my opinion. Also, I pretty much established a great rapport between the staff and I. I mean, I spent the majority of my afternoons in the local shop so… they pretty much know who I am now.

I don’t really get my books delivered to my house. I tend to do click & collect with them. I get the books for the price it shows online, and when I spend over £10.00 I get to get stamps which I collect to get a free £10.00 spending voucher on the store once I have collected 10 stamps. It’s a great reward system that keeps me coming back!

2. The Book People

A magical find! This gem of an online bookstore is a must visit for any booklovers out there! They have had the cheapest price of books by-far I have encountered! I love it. I discovered this book seller at work… and I have never loved work so much in my entire life.

Most of the books can be bought for a ridiculously cheap price – often it can be up to 20% and other times even to 50%. Which is amazing!

However, you do still have to pay for shipping. But… just think of all the books that you can buy for less money!

3. The Book Depository

Probably one of the more popular online bookstore in the world if bookworms. What with the lowered price and free shipping worldwide.

I have bought a couple of books from the site, and their services are great. I honestly don’t know why I don’t use it more often.

4. Amazon

It would be ridiculous of me not to include Amazon! It may not be my number one favourite, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t buy books from the website. I don’t tend to buy paperbacks and hardbacks from Amazon. I use it more to buy e-books. Which isn’t often, by the way. E-books from Amazon are relatively cheap, and if you’re a fan of e-readers and all this high-tech reading… then it’s the best place for you.

I really don’t use it often, because I’m not really a fan of e-books (although I have a kindle). I only ever read e-books when it comes to eARCs. Other than that, I’m not a big fan.

Well, that’s all for today my lovelies. Hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe even learned a little something.


What are your favourite online bookstores?


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