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Hello, and welcome to my blog,

Growing-up in a household of music lovers, I have grown to be one myself. For as long as I can remember, music has been a massive part of my life. And I can’t imagine otherwise. The only difference between my family and I, is that I also love to read. Where my family finds reading a tedious and time consuming activity, and maybe a little unproductive. I find it the best form of entertainment and stimulation for my brain.

For my first ever proper attempt at a discussion blog post here, I have decided to do a little bit of a discussion post. So please feel free to drop a comment! I would love to hear your say in the matter of…

Music + Reading = Yay! or Nay!

As a self-proclaimed bibliophile, and avid music lover… I would have to say YAY! for this one. However, it has to be a certain kind of music. I can’t just listen to any old music when I am reading. I found that it gives my brain too much stimulation and I end up not being able to focus on one or the other at all.

For me, when I am reading, I have to listen to classical music. Ones that you can’t sing to. Of course I have read with music with lyrics in them – but, I just ended up singing along with the song and not really taking in what I was reading.

Where I listened to classical music, I found that I was able to concentrate more on the text. It has this calming effect on me, and I am just able to focus on the book that I have in front of me. My younger brother is quite the improvisation pianist, and I love listening to the music he makes while I read my books.

In fact, right at this moment he is playing the piano!

Do you like listening to music while you read? If so, what kind of music?

Thanks for reading!



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