Friday Reads |Under Rose-Tainted Skies + Zenn Diagram + The Symposium

Hello lovely readers,

Things are going to change around here. From now on, this blog is going to be updated twice (possibly thrice) a week! I have neglected this blog for a lot of the time last year, and for this year – I have decided that, that will not happen again.

Literally the morning of the New Year, I whipped out my notebooks and planners and started planning blog posts. Organized my review pile, and reading pile. I have everything all planned out! For the first month, at least.

Upon scrounging around the book blogging universe, I have seen a number of bloggers doing the Friday Reads post. So, I have decided to join the band-wagon.

This week, I have been reading three books:

The Symposium.jpgThe Symposium by Plato

This looks like a pretentious read for a pretentious teenager… but I have been intrigued by Plato’s work for a couple of years now since I started studying Philosophy and Ethics as an A-Level. So, I thought I would read up on some of his works. And, I just happened to come across The Symposium when I was browsing around my local Waterstones, so I bought it.

I haven’t gotten farther than a couple pages of this book yet, and I think it’s going to be a slow read for me even though it is a really small book. I won’t be making a book review for this one. This is simply for research purposes!

under-rose-tainted-skiesUnder Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

I started reading this book a last week. However, I took a break from it and just set it aside for a couple of days.

All I can say is that, it is quite a funny novel – and I couldn’t stop from giggling at Norah’s antics.

I look forward to finishing this novel!


Zenn Diagram.jpgZenn Diagram by Wendy Brant

I think I have finally found my OTP! Like… Wow!

I started reading this at 2 am on the 2nd of January, and finished it just before the clock struck 12 midnight the 3rd of January.

I was so focused reading the story and looking forward to what was happening that I almost didn’t sleep that night! You know when you just want to finish the story, to figure out what is going to happen – to get a real sense of what’s the story is about.? I was in that sort of mood

cover100467-mediumThe One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

The One Memory of Flora Banks is my first read of the year. And, let me tell you how amazing this novel is!

Emily Barr is clearly an amazing author, who has unique and wonderful ideas that she would like to share to the world of bookworms!

A book I highly recommend!




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