(We) Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Greetings! Lovely readers,

It’s that time of year again, when everything is wrapped in tinsel and glitter and fairy lights! I don’t know whether I love this time of year, or whether I am beginning to dislike it just that bit.


probable reaction of people when they read the bit where I say I am beginning to dislike the holiday season just that bit.

I haven’t been an active part of the book blogging community for quite some time now, and I feel anxious writing my first post in what seems to be like months. I just wanted to update the blog, and to keep my existence known – even for just a tiny moment.

This time of year, as you could probably imagine, is the busiest – and surely I would have a lot of things to say and write about. But truly, I am at work all day and I simply do not have the energy to write a post – but I do have a blog journal which I keep with me throughout the day and write things down that I want to post. But I am a coward, and sometimes the things that I come up with are simply not suitable for a book blog – or maybe, it is. But I am simply afraid of what other people might think.



Happy Christmas everyone!

I have missed doing this, being able to just write whatever comes to mind and simply be… These last few weeks I have been very busy with helping out with our school nativity play, making a Christmas Post Box, making Christmas decorations for a Christmas tree festival (Which we won!) and everything is covered in glitter!


how I feel like at the moment

Glitter is just everywhere, and children love glitter so I cannot escape from the stuff! Every time I walk down the corridor I am greeted with children holding their wonderful works – submerged in a mountain of glitter. Glitter in my clothes, on my desk, on my shoes and on my books!!

Christmas shopping, I feel like this year has been the worst! I simply do not know what to get anyone for their Christmas presents that I almost gave up… I just simply wanted them to come over and have a wonderful home-cooked meal cooked by my Mother and I – but, everyone is so busy that we simply do not have the time to do things the way we used to.

In terms of reading, I haven’t been an active reader as of late. What with the chaos that comes with the Christmas season. Hence, the reason why I haven’t been posting book reviews, or anything at all for that matter!

Well, I have a few things to say with regards to Christmas and the books I am currently reading, but that’s for another post!

I’m sorry that the Title of this post, is completely irrelevant to the actual post!



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