Book Review | Jumper by Lorelai Brizzi

  • Title | Jumper
  • Author | Lorelai Brizzi
  • Publisher | Noble Penguin Publishing Kindle Edition
  • Pages | 74 pages
  • Publication Date | 6th September 2016

Lorelai Brizzi’s novel, Jumper, is about a teenage girl – Olivia Silver, who founds a beautiful rock which allows her to jump from her body to other people’s. 

When I started reading the novella, I sympathised with Olivia and and her rambling thoughts – I really liked that this novel centralised on the thoughts of this young girl who clearly doesn’t know what to do with herself, who has grand ideas of the injustices of life and how she wants to change the world for the better. 

I really enjoyed the writing style at the beginning of the book, because it’s getting to know the main character. However, with such a short amount of pages it started to obstruct the story – when at the beginning I thought the plot of the novel was really interesting, that was not the case when I was half-way through the book. There was no structure to it, and the story got pushed back to the side and took a less important role in the book. It was more to do with the experiences of Olivia and her thoughts. 

Where Olivia is a well developed character, everyone else were simply fillers – they were unimportant and insignificant to the story. Even the supposed “bad guy” didn’t give a lasting impression.

Overall, I think this novel would have been amazing if it focused more on the adventures of Olivia and the consequences of her actions, and that it was explained how Creepy Matthew got a hold of the stone, etc. I appreciate that the author is trying to convey how a teenager’s mind work – all over the place and questions everything – I really wished to have had a more developed idea of her background, a more in depth look at the other characters – and a more structured plot. 


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