Of Books and DVDs

Hello my lovelies,

In all honesty, I have been in a rut in terms of reading and of writing blog posts – and it isn’t fun. I have a pile of books that I have yet to read, and I just bought three more to add to that collection – and I am sensing another book buying ban coming, and it has to be permanent for at least 3 months this time because I just can’t afford them anymore and I have literally more than 40 books that I have yet to read.

My punctuation is appalling!


Of Books

Increasing TBR pile

The number of books that I have sitting in my bookshelf collecting dust is exponentially increasing (an exaggeration) and I need to be stopped. I have to sit down and read these books before I can buy any more – because, if I keep on buying books I will never get to the ones that I should have read eons ago.

However, I have been finding it hard to read my books lately. I can’t seem to concentrate of be interested on the story of any books – and in conclusion, I have been in a reading slump.

But that doesn’t stop me from buying books at all. I mean this morning I went to Waterstone’s simply to admire the books, and came out with three books at hand and £21.00 poorer – I mean I do not even have the money to be buying books at the moment, and I just went and splurged! So that’s three books added to my TBR list.

Book Buying Ban (yet again)

So, I have decided that I won’t buy any books until I finished at least a quarter of the books I already own – because I need to save up and I really want to finish all of the books that I have had since centuries ago.

Book Reviews

Furthermore, I also have to read two novel by two wonderful authors which I promised to give a review on – and so far with how hectic I have been in the past couple of months I have only managed to read half of one of the novels (and I have to say that I really do like the story, and hopefully by the end of the month a review will be up!). I do hope that they don’t mind it has been taking so long for the reviews to come up, but I promise that I will make them a priority read.

As for other book reviews, I will hopefully be posting more in the weeks to come – especially as I will be officially finished with school this week! So I can actually type up my book reviews on my laptop ready to be uploaded.


As I splurged £21.00 on books – it didn’t help that the Waterstone’s I went to was right next to a HMV. Of course, me being a fan of music and films – went into the store and browsed.

I only planned on buying a new set of ear phones, as mine has been stolen by my younger brother (as they do) and I can’t listen to Welcome To Night Vale podcast in public at all.

But as all plans go – it didn’t happen. I went in there browsed where the ear phones were, took one out of the rack, went to look at the films since I had time to kill before my bus arrived – ended up picking up The Tale of The Princess Kaguya and Spirited Away, and returned the earphones back, because I wanted the DVDs so much more than listening to my podcast when I am on the bus.

So, that is how I ended up spending £40 today – instead of the initial plan of £3.99

However, it did spark a new potential addiction for me – and that is buying The Studio Ghibli Collection of DVDs, and I don’t even care if they’re going to cost me a fortune.

In conclusion,

Me spending time in Waterstones and HMV doesn’t bode well on my bank account.




2 thoughts on “Of Books and DVDs

    • I know, I hope that I will get out of this one soon!
      Thank you!! I’m not intimidated – I just need to control the amount of books that I buy XD. Definitely not, I feel like buying all the Studio Ghibli collection is going to be another thing I have to worry about in terms of funds xD


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