Would You Rather |Shop At Bookshops or Online?

Hello lovelies,

I am procrastinating (when am I not?) at the moment, since exam season has started I don’t feel like getting stressed, so instead I’m here and taking tw for myself and you guys!

So, let us play another round of would you rather!

Would You Rather Shop at Bookshops or Online?

Let me know your answers in the comment section 🙂 

Personally, I would rather shop in a book store rather than online. As much as it is easier to buy books online from the comfort of your bed, without the need to interact with other people – and get it delivered to your door, there is nothing like the feeling of walking into a book store and feeling like you belong there.

Cheesy as it may sound, I know. But the thing is I love going to the bookstore and just browsing all of these different books. Discovering new novels you’ve never heard of before or simply just admiring the shelves as you ambled by. 

There is no sense of satisfaction from ordering books online. If I do order books, I often choose click and collect, that way I can still have a gander around the bookshop! 


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