Monthly Wrap-UP


Hello lovelies,

This post was supposed to be up yesterday, but I slacked off and didn’t wrtie uit up and post it at all. 

It’s the last day of the blog challenge that I set myself up, and I have to say that I am proud of myself, however I did slack off a little bit towards the end. But, overall I think I did okay.

So, as the monthly wrap-up usually goes!

  1. Blog Challenge | April Fool’s
  2. Blog Challenge | TBR for April
  3. Blog Challenge | Currently Reading
  4. Blog Challenge | Reading Nook?
  5. Blog Challenge | My First
  6. Blog Challenge | Places To Go, Places To Be
  7. Blog Challenge | Five Ways To Win My Heart
  8. Blog Challenge | Bookish Pet Peeves
  9. Blog Challenge | A Book That Made Me Smile
  10. Book Challenge | A Book That Made Me Sad
  11. Blog Challenge | A Book That Disappointed Me
  12. Blog Challenge | A Book That Made Me Cry
  13. Blog Challenge | Unpopular Opinion
  14. Blog Challenge | It Would Be My Pleasure…
  15. Blog Challenge | Switch With Me
  16. Blog Challenge | I am You, You are Me
  17. Blog Challenge | First Sentences…
  18. Blog Challenge |Favourite Quotes
  19. Blog Challenge | Most Read Author
  20. Blog Challenge | I like you… No I don’t
  21. Blog Challenge | I Do Not Like You… But I do!
  22. Blog Challenge | Required Reading
  23. Blog Challenge | I recommend…
  24. Blog Challenge | Playlists
  25. Blog Challenge| Books into Movies
  26. Blog Challenge | Confessions of a Bookworm
  27. Blog Challenge | Favourite Book of the Year (thus far)
  28. Blog Challenge | Monthly Goals
  29. Blog Challenge | How To Read More

Here are the list of the posts that I have made throughout the month. April has been, by-far, the busiest I have ever been. Not only in terms of work, but also with school – as exams are coming up and deadlines for courseworks needs to be met. I just haven’t had the time to read a lot of books. In fact, I have only read 2 books in my TBR list. Which is a shame really, since I have been wanting to read the books in the list for quite a while now.

So, this May I hope after the exams that I will be able to read as many books that I can!

As for the books that I have reads this month, I only have three;

  1. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken
  2. Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
  3. Circus of the Unseen by Joanne Owen

All of these books share the common theme of having some sort of magiv being involved, one being of time travel, the other of Arabic Mythology and the last being of the living dead.

I will be posting a review for the last two book in the coming weeks, so look forward to that!

That is all I believe, I will see you guys in the next post!

Love you all,

Nielle xx


I am so sorry that this post is not well put together, I am not feeling very well and I just finished work and I think I might be coming down with a fever. I hope I will be able to survive an 8 hour shift tomorrow!


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