Blog Challenge | How To Read More

I have written a blog post about how to get out of a reading slump, and now I am here to talk about how you can read more!

Choose books that you know you will like!
It is kind of obvious isn’t it, but sometimes we tend to get part pressured into buying books that clearly isn’t for us because of excellent book reviews created by book critiques and/or a massive hoopla around them in the book blog/bookstagram community. We and up buying these books, and as we try to read it… sadly you discover that you’ve been disappointed or you just can’t get yourself to like the story no matter what.

So, I suggest that you guys buy books that you know you will like, or at least a genre of books that you know you are interested it. Because there is no point in buying a book just because everyone seems to like it, and not because you personally want to read it.

Keep a book log/lists
This is something that I had recently started doing and it is helping me get through my gargantuan TBR like. Keeping a log of books that you have but haven’t read and books you have read will (hopefully) motivate you to read more.

I have been doing this since Late January/early February, and seeing that I have so many books in my TBR list and so little in my Read list has motivated me to at least try and read 3 books every month, and since then I have been doing just that!

eReaders can be your friend
Now I am not too fond of eReaders, but they can be handy! You don’t have to have an eReader specifically, I’m fact you can download Kindle app on your phone and you’re all set!

If I forget my book, I always have a back up e-book on my phone just for that purpose. Especially when I have a long bus journey, it geta boring so I just read from my phone if I don’t have a book.

So that’s it!
Last post for the month will be my next post, but they will obviously be late but, you know!

See you guys in my next post xxx


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