Blog Challenge | Confessions of a Bookworm

Well, I’ve been planning on writing a post like this for a while, and I thought:

hey, why not add it on to the list for the blog challenge?

and, here I am writing a post for this. Well, shall we get on with the list?

  1. I buy a number of e-books, but never read them until I absolutely have to.
  2. I have over 50 books I have not yet read, and all of these books I have bought in the past 6 months.
  3. I cannot, for the life of me, read more than one book at the same time. Otherwise I will get confuse or I won’t remember what happens in the books
  4. I have been reading the same book for over 2 weeks, and it doesn’t even have 200 pages on it.
  5. I have no will power when it comes to buying books. I mean I probably spend £100/month on books – how bad is that?
  6. Which leads us to the book-buying bans that my younger brother has imposed on me, which consists of me having to pay him £5.00 for every book that I buy.
  7. I love sitting in libraries, but I do not enjoy the books I check out since I have to return the book, which pressures me into reading it and in the end not enjoying the book.
  8. I hated English Literature when I was in Year 11, and almost swore off reading another book after having to read the same books over and over
  9. I judge books by their covers. Yep, I am prejudiced when it comes to books. Can’t help it though, if I like the book cover of a novel I would literally just buy it, and hope that I would like the story.
  10. I have never been to any book conventions or attended any book signings in my life – but I hope this will change in July! YALC here I come!!!!!!!
  11. I have never read of watched any of the Divergent Series – and many people will probably find this appalling, but I do not want to read or watch them either.
  12. I want to collect all of the novels by J.R.R. Tolkien
  13. I have not read any of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels (GOT), but have seen 4 of the TV Series Adaptation
  14. I love the smell of second hand bookshops,
  15. which leads us to the fact that I love smelling books
  16. I find it hard to read any of the classic novels that I own – but I do hope that I will read them by the end of this year
  17. I have book that are meant to be in a series, but I have never bought the rest of the series
  18. I don’t really enjoy reading trilogies/series,
  19. but I also want some books to have sequels!
  20. It takes me a while to write book reviews, I like to take my time after reading a book to analyse what I just read and to see if I liked it as much as I did a few days after
  21. Even though I have bookmarks, I still try to remember the page number of the last sentence I’ve read
  22. Or use random pieces of paper or wrapper to mark where I got to
  23. I read books better when I am in school – because most of the time I don’t want people to talk to me
  24. I enjoy reading novels written in Wattpad – sometimes I think they are better than books that has been published
  25. I get into a lot of reading slumps
  26. Even though I aim to read more than 5 books per month, I almost always only read two or three books at most (like this month)
  27. I have a book log, which consists of all the books that I have read, and books I have yet to read.
  28. I don’t like cracking the spines of my books
  29. but, if I get into reading a book and I really enjoy it, the spine will inevitably bend back!
  30. I have a notebook which I write my thoughts on books are
  31. I envy people who have wonderfully organised bookshelves!
  32. I would rather read a book than revise



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