Blog Challenge | I Do Not Like You… But I do!

This prompt is more or less hard to write about – especially since it is about a book you expected not to like.

Often has when you already expect not to like a book, your mind is made up. However, it is also important to have an openmind when reading a book.

There can be books that you are required to read or study, a gift from a family or friend, or simply were like me trying out a new genre and unsure whether you would dislike it or not.

Let me tell you a story –

I was a teenager who at one point only read books with paranormal romance intertwined within the story, reading books by Maggie Stiefvater and Karen Mahoney was what I lived for back in the day. However, I remember the day it all changed.

I was more or less reading books that were based around fantasy and not much realism in them – or if there was there would be an element of magical realism in them.

But once I was around 14 or 15, I picked up a book from Waterstones, it’s white and completely different from the novels I have read before. I wasn’t particularly interested in the book that I picked up, but I bought it anyway because I was allowed to buy only one book per month then, and I thought why not try something different.


So I picked up this book, which I was sure I was not going to like. This book was Unique by Alison Allen-Grayit is about a boy discovering his true identity – about his brother and what his parents has been hiding from him all this time. I was hooked, and it was such an interesting topic. It was all purely based on science, no teenage drama about falling in-love at first sight or the likes – it was all about finding out who you are and about a taboo topic when it comes to science.


 The book was about cloning, and that was something that I was starting to take interest in as I began my GCSE exams which included topics on genetic engineering and the ethical dilemmas scientists have to deal with in the topic of genetically modifying something/someone.

So I guess that was the reason why I ended up liking it in the end. It wasn’t the most exciting book that I read that time, but the contrast it did have with the books that I have read was massive – because it is scientific and is based on reality, no magic involved – simply science.


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