Blog Challenge | I like you… No I don’t

Being a part of the book blogging and the bookstagram community means that you will encounter books that has been highly praised and highly recommended by fellow bibliophiles. From the reviews that they have been given, you will feel obliged to buy the book and you will have a mindset telling you that you will love this book. 

However, sometimes that would not be the case at all. You love the idea of it, but you end up disliking the book.

I believe I have talked about Anna and the French Kiss in a previous book prompt already, but this book is that book which I thought I would really like – since I am a sucker for romance at times.

However, with all the hype that it was getting from the bookstagram community, I may have place my expectations too high and the book in a pedestal – thinking that I too would love the book and would be praising it all over the place.

But I was wrong. I found the book pretty generic and overly cliched. Yes it has cute aspects and such, but I ended up not liking it as much as I thought I would. I was disappointed at how predictable it was, and how much of the plot was unoriginal.

Not to say that the story was bad, it was good, however it could have been original and unique is all I am saying.


2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge | I like you… No I don’t

  1. Although I do get excited when I see bloggers posting about the same books I’ve read, I don’t take as many recommendations as I should from fellow bloggers. I really need to check out bookstagram.


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