Blog Challenge | I am You, You are Me

There is nothing like reading a book where you can identify with one or more of its characters.

I think for me, the character whom I identify myself with the most was Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I think the reason behind this is the fact that I myself has been most of my teenage life has been quite the wallflower.

giphy (6)

His character spoke volumes to me, I felt like he knew exactly what I was feeling – and that I guess the author understood what it felt like to be “both happy and sad” at the same time. Where you can’t simply figure out how you truly feel about the world.

I don’t know…

I just felt drawn to the character, and whilst reading the book I found myself being able to identify with everything that he was going through – of course, there are differences in the experiences, as mine are more subtle than his.

But – yeah. Charlie is the character that I identify myself most.

This has been a short post as it has been a busy day! I only have had the last 30 mins (it’s 22.35 now) to write this post down and I don’t even know if I made sense. I will be updating this tomorrow with a post that makes more sense and with better explanation.

See you tomorrow,

Nielle xx


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