Blog Challenge | Switch With Me


Switching places with fictional characters sounds great, and there is no shame in admitting that you have imagined yourself being in their shoes instead.

Right at this moment I am typing away at my keyboard, I am unable to make a decision as to whom I would like to switch places with. I am taking into consideration everything, and by everything I mean who the character is, the world they live in, the personality of the character, their situation, etc.

Off the bat I would switch places with Hermione Granger…

tumblr_m34bqqHasX1r2yci4o1_250.gifsimply because I looked up to her character. She is brave, smart and a good person at heart. The brightest witch of her time. Why wouldn’t I want to switch places with her?

Well, that’s something that I have been contemplating since yesterday – Hermione is an amazing individual, one of the greatest female characters that girls today should be looking up to – aspire to be like her. She is everything that I want to be, and everything that I aspire to be.

But, I was thinking about her situation, especially in the last books. Yes, I would want to switch place with her in terms of her going to adventures with the Chosen One and being able to use magic and being brilliant all around – however, there are also aspects which made me falter when choosing her as a character I would switch places with.

For instance, risking my life by being friends with Harry Potter – as cool as it seems being best friends with the chosen one is, there are also consequences that entails being with friends with him. Always getting into trouble and such. But, she’s also the one who lost so much between the golden trio. She lost her parents, in the sense that she erased their memories of her so that she could save them from harm. It was painful to read that she has to basically sacrifice her life in order to help save the whole wizarding world. And I admire her for her actions.

Would I be able to handle being Hermione, I think not. But, I would lie to try living in her shoes even just for a moment.




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