Blog Challenge | It Would Be My Pleasure…

Books are stories created by imaginative and wonderful minds who are able to create a world outside of their own and bring magic to the lives of those who have read their stories.

 Therefore, it is no surprise that readers would like to meet the makers (authors) of their adored books – and I am no exception.

I’m an individual who does not go out into the big bad world much, I mean I only ever travel to the next couple of towns away from where I live on my own – I can’t even say that I’ve attempted to go out and buy a ticket for Comic Con or any other events that requires travelling for more than half-an-hour.

But, this year I am looking to change that! However, I digress from the true purpose of this blog post and to share a list of a number of authors whom I would like to have the pleasure to meet!

Here are some of the authors whom I would like to meet someday in the future!

  1. J.K. Rowling – because she is the author of the greatest series that ever existed (in my opinion) and I would like to meet her because she is such an inspirational personality that it would be a pleasure just to be in her presence.
  2. Holly Bourne – one of my favourite authors at the moment, I really enjoyed reading “Am I Normal Yet?” and “The Manifesto on How To Be Interesting” because they ring true to, in my opinion, what teenagers experience in terms of their mental health as well as their concern with popularity. It’s also nice that she’s written feminist elements in her novels.
  3. John Green – because he is the first author who ripped my heart to shreds with his novel The Fault in Our Stars, it was the first book that I read where I cried and after that it unlocked and set something free in me that renders me useless in scenes from books that just rips at your heart. So, Thank You John Green for making me an empathetic reader!
  4. David Levithan
  5. Rainbow Rowell 
  6. Lauren James
  7. Lisa Williamson

And here are some of the authors/writers whom I would have liked to have the pleasure of meeting

  1. J.R.R Tolkien
  2. J.M. Barrie
  3. Shakespeare – the man who shaped the modern English language and one of the most famous poets and playwright in his time and is still reverred in modern society. How can I not want to meet him?
  4. Lewis Carroll
  5. Harper Lee
  6. The Bronte Sisters




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