Blog Challenge | Unpopular Opinion

I think that it is time that I come out with a possibly unpopular opinion!

I tend to keep some of my opinions to myself – especially if it is an unpopular one. But once in a while I think it is good to just give out an opinion no matter how unpopular it may be.

Now, this book is something that I bought out of sheer curiosity from all the good things I have heard over the bookstagram community. Not only that, but I quite liked the cover. It seems like everyone I have come across who has read this book actually enjoyed it or loved it or at least liked it more that I did.

Granted it was a cute story, I was just so bored of the trope and the story was so predictable and I felt like I was reading a story out of Wattpad. It was so cheesy that at one point I threw the book down from frustration with the characters and the book all in all.

Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

… I won’t deny that it was a well written novel, however it was filled with


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