Blog Challenge | A Book That Disappointed Me

When you pick up a book, it is inevitable that you judge it even before you have read it. You judge it based on the cover, and also based on the synopsis.

Sometimes, you read reviews made by book critics, booktubers and book bloggers too – to see whether you will be persuaded into buying and reading the book and to see whether you will be as awestruck as the people who have read it before you have been.

But there has certainly been times when you we have been hyped up about a book because of all of these wonderful reviews that you couldn’t help but create a high expectation of a book before even reading it.

Only to be left with the feeling of disappointment.

The feeling I was left with after reading The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle.

IMG_6079It was a good book to read, however, I was disappointed with the fact that the book for me was so predictable! Of course, this is my own opinion – and I am quite an inquisitive individual anyway, always trying to figure out what will happen next (and almost always it’s the cliché category that most books fall trap into).

There was a lot of potential coming from this book, if only characters and the plot has been developed even better. Even now I am still confused as to what the story was truly about since there were so many things going on.

I wish that it was written in a more organised manner – with a clear distinction between what is reality and what is not (even though the author may be trying to say that reality and imaginary often blur together). That way I wouldn’t have spent most of my time reading the book confused with where it was going.



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