Book Challenge | A Book That Made Me Sad

The definition of sad according to Google is:

Feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy

Surely we have all felt this emotion, albeit in different situations.
In this case we are talking about sadness felt after reading a book. Being  someone who has read quite a number of heart-wrenching novels, it is very hard to pick the ultimate book that made me sad.

However, after quite some deliberation I have come to conclusion as to the books that made me sad.


The reason behind it being the fact that it wasn’t an ending that you would have liked, and the events leading up to the ending was just not right for me and what happened to Theodore Finch had torn me to bits. It felt like m there was so much more that could have been done to help Finch in his situation. Every time I think about this book I am overwhelmed with sadness.

I don’t know why, but out of all the books I have read (we’re only considering YA for now) this is the book that rendered me useless for a while with feeling sad.


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