Blog Challenge | Bookish Pet Peeves


Hello fellow bibliophiles,

I am back, which I guess is to be expected since it is a 30 day blog challenge, but nevertheless, I. AM. BACK!!!

Today, I am going to talk about something very important… to me, and maybe to you too.

I am talking about Bookish Pet Peeves.

Yes, about the things that irks me when it comes to physical aspects of books, tropes and story lines, and the way books are handled. There are many things that bothers me when it comes to books – but we are not going to talk about all of them here.

We are going to talk about the THREE MAIN things that IRKS me to no end and these are:

Stcikers that aren’t stickers on book covers

Okay, I understand why some bookstores need to put stickers on the book covers, like becasue they are on promotion, i.e. Waterstone’s have a ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ Sticker on the books they are promoting or sometime ‘£3.oo Off Now £9.99’ – and often times they are easy to remove without the sticky residue or any of the paper bits getting stuck on the cover. I am completely okay with these because you can peel them off.

What annoys me are the ‘stickers’ that publishers put on books, but the thing is they are not stickers at all.

Oh no, they are not stickers at all. They look like stickers and you think you can peel them off – but the thing is it’s just an illusion. They are ‘stickers’ printed on to the covers!


Like why would you even do that? Who does that?

By all means, put as many stickers as you like on the cover, but please, please, PLEASE! Make them ones that can be easily peeled off so that my beautiful book cover isn’t perpetually obstructed by that unsavoury ‘sticker’

Love Triangles/Insta-Love

I can’t even begin how much this trope annoys me so bad!


Here’s a gif of Squirward depicting my reaction to these ‘romantic’ YA tropes

Is it necessary for the protagonist to fall in-love with two completely different people who have two completely different personalities at the same time?!

Like WHY?

This is a pet peeve that I have had since the first time I have read a novel with a love triangle in it (Twilight)! I mean, the girl/boy clearly should be with the second girl/boy that they fell in-love with because if you truly loved the first one (especially if you have been in a relationship with them for like a long time) them please do yourself, and everyone else a favour and freaking pick one of them already because I cannot handle you!

Often times they are so unnecessary to the plot like, why even? It’s very unrealistic too. In my opinion, it’s pretty much like cheating – and I do not condone of tolerate it at all. Why would anyone find this romantic? I find it messed up to be honest.

And Insta-Love makes me just want to throw up! No one falls in-love with someone in just a blink of an eye. Sure, you can instantly like or lust over someone, but never love. I mean, from my expereince I didn’t even develop a crush over a guy until I have spoken to him at least a couple of hundred times… So insta-love is just. Nope! Can’t handle them.

Why can’t be YA romantic novels be like Eleanor & Park – like get to know each other a little bit better before you start assuming you’re in-love with someone because they’re pretty or handsome or because they are hot! Personality over Appearance – thank you very much!

Books Being Damaged


I know a lot of people out there believes in that a cracked book spine or folding page corners when you don not have a bookmark suggests that you are enjoying the book and all that – and I can understand that logic.

However, I cannot stand seeing my bookspines ruined or the pages folded – I like the aesthetic feel books that are in pristine condition gives off. So I’ll stick with keeping my books not folded and uncracked thank you very much.

That is all,

Why don’t you share your bookish pet peeves on the comments section down below!


Nielle xx



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