Blog Challenge | Five Ways To Win My Heart



Valentine’s day has come and gone – but there is no reason to not talk about ways in which how you can win over a person’s heart.

Ahh, this is a list that I have never thought of ever writing, until I was trying to figure out what I could add into the Blog Challenge. In all my years of being a teenager, I don’t think I have ever had to think about ways a person has to win my heart at all. But I guess, there’s always a first to some things.


This sounds very obvious, but, yes. Buying me books would already win you my heart – because you just gave me an adventure, not only that but you’ve already made my day and brought me happiness.

Patience is a Virtue

I may be shy but I have a lot to say. If you bought me a book, expect me to talk your ears out once I have started reading it all through the weeks commencing after I have finished it. But please do not get annoyed with me if I do so.

Having patience is the second thing that will win you my heart over. Being patient with my ramblings and the incessant word vomit coming out of my mouth as I talk about the books I have just read, listening to what I am ranting about and letting me vent for several minutes would be appreciated.

I would apologize in advance, but you have been warned!

But in all seriousness, you have to be patient with me because sometimes I can be a mess and can’t seem to get myself together. Just be there for me when I need you the most and patiently wait for me to sort myself out… then I will be forever grateful to have you.


Better yet, if you too read books and have read books that I too have read, discussing or having a debate over said books would be the best time of the day for me. There is nothing better than being able to discuss books and their stories and characters with the person who you are with. It’s fun and it’s always interesting hearing what other people has to say about books that you have liked/disliked or loved/hated.

It’s one thing letting me rant to you until your ears bleed and fall off, but it is better if we could discuss and debate over it too.


Intelligence is Key

I am drawn towards individuals who has a clear interest in something intellectual – I find that the best thing in any form of relationship is that being able to discuss all things serious. For instance, I had a friend whom I discussed philosophy with all the time (however we do not speak anymore) and I found it intellectually stimulating. Discussing the views of different philosophers and religions regarding different matters ranging from the existence of a supreme being to poverties in third world countries.

Not only this, but my conversations with friends often start lightheartedly about teenage dramas and TV shows we are currently watching to books – but it always seem to ultimately lead to bigger and more important things like politics. Or discussing the themes or the writing styles of authors whom we have both read. And there is something that I just find very appealing listening to people who shows genuine interest and passion in literature, science or philosophy.


Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine. You don’t have to have the same humour as I do (and be informed that I do have a dark sense of humour), because sometimes you just have to enjoy life with someone and laugh about it. Someone who understands appropriate timing for their jokes and are witty always makes me smile. I’ve known people who have a good sense of humour, however a bad sense of timing and that’s just… NOPE!

Well there are five things that will most definitely win my heart.

This has actually taken me quite a while to write because I started writing a list down consisting of things that are only materialistic, and I have to take a step back and analyse what I have written is utter asdfghjkl… Soooo, I spent some time actually thinking of how a potential suitor could win my heart. And these are the 5 things that I came up with. Some my sound repetitive but… I guess it reinforces what is important to me!

Thank you for reading, I shall see you again tomorrow xxx

Nielle x


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