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Travelling isn’t something that I do often, but it is something that I want to do before I leave this world.

Hello, I am back again with another post!

There are so many places I want to visit, from places in my local area to places that do not even exist! But travelling is just one of the things that I really want to do before I person from this world.

So here are five places that I want to visit in real life:

• The Vatican (Rome, Italy) – not only have I been brought up in a Roman Catholic household, I have also been brought up in a household who appreciates arts of any form – and the Vatican holds so many precious paintings by Master Artists like Michael Angelo! Not only that but Rome itself is a city filled with so many cultural and artistic artefacts that you just have to visit there! It’s like the whole place is an art museum – and who doesn’t like a good art museum?!

Palawan, Philippines – I have always wanted to go to Palawan. It is such a wonderful little island off the coast of the Philippines! There’s so many natural wonders from such a little island. Look it up!!!

Japan – I don’t know why but I’ve always adored the Japanese culture, and I’ve wanted to visit the country ever since I was like 10. Now, after I have earned and saved up enough money I will visit the country!!

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – one reason that I want to visit Amsterdam is because of Anne Frank and I want to visit the place where they stayed during the Nazi occupation during WWII.
While I also want to visit the Netherlands because of small town called Geldrop where street names have been inspired by the work of J.R.R. Tolkien – The Lord Of The Rings! How coold is that?!

New Zealand – you would understand if you are a The Hobbit/LOTR fan! This is because the country is where they filmed the whole thing! I am so jealous of the people who have visited the Hobbiton Movie Set because it is almost like you have visited the Shire!


That’s it for my Real Life places that I wanna visit! Now onto the fictional world!

Hogwarts – because… you know it’s like the best place to be ever! Okay, except from all the attacks and all that, but think about it! Dinner is always a f-ing feast and the good refills itself! Like yes please, sign me up to hogwarts!!!!



The Shire – such a quaint little place, l would love to live as a Hobbit! With all their second breakfasts and all. But in all seriousness, it’s just so beautiful and peaceful… who wouldn’t want to live there or at least visit?!


Hundred Acre Wood – it’s where Winnie-The-Pooh lives and that is all ibhave to say!

Wonderland – because it is such a wonderful place, is it not? A walk among fields of flowers, paint white roses red with the guards, merry unbirthday tea party with mad characters or simply battle it out with the Queen of Hearts and hope she doesn’t go yelling “Off with their heads” at every given opportunity and having guards whom you helped painted white roses to red race towards you to slice your head off before they get theirs!

Yup, a wonderful place to be!

Halloween Town – because HALLOWEEN!!!




Well I hope you guys have a wonderful Wednesday!

See you guys again tomorrow

Nielle xxx


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