Blog Challenge | Reading Nook?


Hello lovely people,

It is the fourth day, and I feel like I should be revising instead of writing this post – but what can you do, procrastinating is what I am best at.

Anyway, it is the fourth day of my blog challenge, and it’s also the start of the second week of Half-Term and I have done zero revision whatsoever, but who cares right?

giphy (5).gif

Moving on…

Reading Nook!

Oh what a day to be alive, when all you have to do is sit around in your bed and build you own little reading nook/nest and just read all the books you want that day. No interruptions, but with food and pee break, of course.

The only place where I can successfully read without interruption is when I am on the bus – but I don’t think that counts as a reading nook since I can’t make a fortress in a moving bus with other people coming and going. But, yes… I read more pages of a book when I am on a bus journey than when I have any freetime at home. This is because I have a strong dislike of looking at people in the face in public transport – therefore having a book saves me from looking at anyone at all.

But, the best place to read I think would be in my bedroom…

… in my bed…

…curled up in a duvet, with a bookshelf right next to me!


The best thing about my bed is that it is right next to my window, which means natural lighting during the daytime hours, and it’s always nice using natural light when reading.


Here's an unappealing shot of my bedroom window

Also, looking out the window sometimes helps me get inspired with drawing and also when I just finished reading a book I stare out the window and contemplate how to live my life.

book hangovertumblr_maesidciCe1rt2432

Well that is all for today my lovely readers, I hope you all are having a fantastic Monday (or had since it’s like quarter to 11 now – so…)

I love you all!

Nielle xxx



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