Blog Challenge | April Fool’s

Hello lovely people of the interenet!

Today marks the first day of my blog challenge where for the whole month of April I will be uplodaing a new article/post based on the topic of the day!

It is April Fool’s day, and for the first prompt I will be talking about my favourite book pranksters/jokers – and this is like the easiest one for me because there’s only two people that pop’s into my mind when I think about characters who are funny af!

Drum(or in this case BELLY)ROLL please!

giphy (2)

Fred and George Weasley!

giphy (4)

I mean who doesn’t love these two readheaded menaces?! And how brilliant are James and Oliver Phelps for playing them?! Just look at these two silly gooses(gramatically incorrect, but “silly geese” just doesn’t sound right)!

Not only that but they were brilliant at pulling pranks!

Remember that time when they interupted the O.W.L.S exams with fireworks – like give me another character who will trump these two brilliant lads?

giphy (3)



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