Would You Rather |All Books Become Film/Movies or T.V. Shows?

Hello chums!

It has been a while since I wrote anything that isn’t a book review.

If you have been with my blog for a while now, I have been writing posts like this from time to time (I only posted 2 in the past haha) – and I thought I should just continue with it because I have nothing else to do.ย [That is a complete lie, because at the moment I should be revising, but I am a prorastinator so I will write this post first!]


Let’s play another round ofย would you rather? and I would really like to hear what your answers would be!ย 

Would You Rather All Books to be adapted into movies or into T.V. shows?

I personally would rather have books be adapted into T.V. series, especially if they are a part of a series – that way it would be more detailed and that important aspects of the books do not get completely left out in the adaptations as is what normally happens when it comes to books being adapted into movies.

For instance, in the Harry Potter series we have familiarised ourselves with Peeves the Poltergiest and the amount of times he has caused the golden trio some trouble during their time at Hogwarts – but the thing about the film adaptation is that he wasn’t present nor was he ever mentioned. I also would have liked to hear the Sorting Hat song. There are so many things that I wish has been included in the movies that were in the books.

But there is also the down side with the T.V. shows, when the author is still at the process of writing the books and have not finished the series quite yet, such is the case with Game of Thrones I believe, the adaptation will have to diverge from the author’s original plan as there is just too much time to wait for the book to be published and adapted. It’s a messy process book adaptations!

Furthermore, there is another problem with books being adapted into TV shows – that is what would happen to books that are stand alones? If I think about it, they will be better off as movies – because the essence of the story would just get lost if it was prolonged to become a TV show.

Nevertheless, I still choose TV shows over Movies.

What about you? What would you rather?


2 thoughts on “Would You Rather |All Books Become Film/Movies or T.V. Shows?

  1. I would rather all books be adapted into movies! This is because I think with TV shows, a lot of books would (like you said) lose their core meanings, and take a while to build up to the crux of the story.

    I would also have no time to watch all of the TV shows that I would want to, because there would be just too many!! So movies it is ๐Ÿ™‚

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