Monthly Wrap-Up | February 2016

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I have last posted anything on my blog at all – and I have a legitimate reason for this.

I have been away on a school trip/holiday and it has been such an amazing experience! I was able to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum – walk down the streets of Naples and climb the peak of Mount Vesuvius. Not only this, but I also got to see an art made by Banksy!


One thing that I do regret though is not taking a picture of the alley where all they sold were books – like consecutive rows of bookshops on both sides of the streets – and that I didn’t even realize that I did not buy anything book related souvenirs at all – and that saddens me a little bit.

So that is a little bit of an update as to why I haven’t been posting anything at all.


There is this amazing ice cream shop in Sorrento, the ambiance is so nice and the setting is simple – and oh my God! Their gelato is just to die for!


The view of the City of Naples from my hotel room window!


Just a photograph of my legs and bag as I sat on the airport floor waiting for our flight – which was cancelled after waiting around for 12 hours in the airport floor! What an experience it has been


Onto the books I have read this month!

February I believe I have managed to read 8 books in total – although most of them were not on my reading list for this month at all.

  • Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig – this has been such a wonderful and insightful read, the content isn’t something that you might have come across several times before but it is always great reading about other people’s experiences of depression and anxiety – how there are similarities and differences (be it big or small) in our experiences of depression. It isn’t quite a self-help book, nor is it a complete memoir – I guess as Matt Haig have stated it is a little bit of everything really. (click here for review)
  • The Emotional Edge by Crystal AndrusMorissette – now I have received a review copy of this book, and as interesting the content is, I don’t think that it is something to read when you are looking for books to read on your free time. It is a self-help guide for people who wants to feel empowered, and it helps you through a series of ‘steps’ as to how to become an empowered individual. (click here for the review)
  • Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale by David Kudler – I loved reading this book, iI found it very interesting as it is about the Kunoichi or the female ninja of the Senguko Jidai (of feudal era of Japan). It’s about a young girl and her journey into becoming such a warrior. I received a review copy of the book, so it hasn’t been released yet, and I look forward to the actual book. I believe that it is going to be released this June! (click here for the review)
  • The 52nd by Dela – this was an interesting read, especially as it was the first book I have ever read which takes on the legends of Mayans and Aztecs. Romance with action – what’s not to like I guess. But it was intriguing to read about Mayan and Aztec history and legends.
  • A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara – this by far was the hardest book I have ever read. It’s a story about love, and not just about romantic love but love of every form – there is also the fact that it is a story about many, many difficult issues to read or even talk about in real life, it contains child sexual abuse/prostitution, self-harm, sexual abuse etc. and that is what makes it such a hard book to read.
  • Every Day by David Levithan – the premise of this book was so wonderfully unique, and it puts a whole new meaning to the words ‘I’ll love you no matter who you are’. This is the first work of David Levithan I have ever read and I have to say that I am drawn and I want to read more of his work.
  • Assassination Classroom Vol. 1 & 2 by Yusei Matsui – I’m the type of girl who quite like reading manga, and well – it has been a while since the last time I read any manga at all, so I decided to buy Assassination Classroom and read it. I don’t know what to say about it really, it’s got comedy and people trying to kill each other…

Well, that is all for today folks!

Love you all,

Nielle xx


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