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Hello my lovelies,

Do you know the feeling that you should have read a book already, and that that book has been on your TBR pile and bookcase for far too long, and yet you keep putting off reading it?

Yeah, well, it turns out I have accumulated quite a fair bit of books that I should have already read but have put it off for too long.

Today’s post is pretty self-explanatory.


The photograph above, is the stack of books that I should have read already – most of them have been on my bookshelf for more than a year and yet I still have to open their pages and immerse myself in the story they have to tell me.

1. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

I have bought this book well over a year ago, it was recommended to me by a friend, and I thought ‘why not give it a go?’ But the thing is, I never did ‘give it a go’ – I bought it from Waterstones Marketplace for £2, and that’s a bargain – but I just never did pick it up to start reading. So my plan is to read it before the year ends!



2. Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer

I bought this book the year it was released, so 2014, it has been sitting on my bookshelf for almost two years! I have picked it up and started reading the first chapter – and it’s really well written and I liked the premise of the story. But the thing is, I was like 16/17 when I got it, and I was pretty into YA novels and just couldn’t yet get my head around to reading general contemporary fiction – so I just left it to collect dust. So… again, I plan on reading it next month, after I finish my TBR pile for this month!


3. All Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

I was in-love with this book, and when I love a book – I don’t read it in an instant. Oh no, I tend to take longer reading books that I really enjoy, like a whole four months to even a year, because I can’t bring myself to finish the story!

So I have reached the middle of the book, and then I just stopped. Like I stopped reading it and left it in my bookshelf because I didn’t want to finish it. But, I will read it again (from the beginning) because I think I should. I have read so many great reviews about this book, and it kind of reminded me of The Book Thief so… yep, that’s another reason for me to actually read and finish the book!


4. Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

Oh what a fantastic book this is, it’s about a little girl who receives mails from a professor of philosophy (anonymously) and the contents of the mails are basically courses and introduction to Philosophy. And if you don’t know this yet, I am quite into Philosophy and want to study it at degree level – it’s something that I came to love when I started sixth form and you have no idea how much I miss being in classroom just learning about all of this big, ginormous questions that even science cannot completely give an answer to. The book is like an introduction to the subject itself, it will make you question who you are and what your purpose is on this earth.

However, I have not had the chance to read it at all because I get side-tracked with other books. I think it’s going to be on next month’s TBR – so then I will be able to tell you so much more about the book!


5. Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

I received this for my 18th birthday I believe, so that’s almost 6 months ago. Quite a while I have had this book, and I have tried reading it – I just couldn’t bring myself to get into the hype of reading it. I think I managed to read until the sixth chapter, but then I lost interest. Then I read more good reviews, so I started from the start again, and yet I still lost interest. I am tempted to just not read it, but I think once I get into the book and just ignore my other books for a while, I will manage to read all of it and maybe even get into the hype!


6. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Now, this is a book that I have been recommended by a friend whose really into romantic novels at the moment. I have heard many great things about the book, from book blogs, bookstagrammers and even people in my social circle have claimed how amazing this book is.

So, I took the bait and bought it. The thing is, I thought I would really like the book – because of what it is about, and I also like to read romance every now and then. However, I couldn’t bring myself to like the book let alone love it. I am intending to read it before the film comes out, so – yeah. I hope my opinion changes of this book though!


7. Travelling to Infinity by Jane Hawking

This book I have had, I think since after the film came out – I watched the film before reading it first. And I have to say how excellent of an actor Eddie Redmayne was ( I need to see his new film The Danish Girl) and Felicity Jones too. God I love them!

But anyway, I have been wanting to read this book for quite a while now. I just haven’t had the chance. Because, when I read it, I want there to be no other books to distract me from it. So, I think it may be a while before I will get to Traveling to Infinity.

Well that is all.

I don’t have such a massive pile you might think, but that is just seven of the books that I have to read that I have started to read and have had for quite a long time. There are other books too – such as my copy of David Hume’s An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding and Soren Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling; these books, are of course by Philosophers and are non-fiction. I have planned on reading these for before I went to University last year – but since I couldn’t I kind of lost my enthusiasm (but I have it back now!). Then there are the classic books that I also own that I have yet to read, and I have had them for more than 6 months.


There are many books that I have reading, only to stop after a few chapters in, and this is why I should make a TBR jar… but that is for another post!

See you later,



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