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I am back with another post, this time a Tag – courtesy of Inês. It’s Valentine’s Day related, mind you, I think this is going to be fun – and don’t forget to check out Inês’ post as well!

I think I made myself clear what my thoughts are this Valentine’s Day with my previous post – but nevertheless, I still have a little bit of romantic bone in my body.

So, this is sort of romance related tag, and thank you Ines (a.k.a. MsCarrowl) for the tag.

1. Your favourite book couple

For me, it has to be Eleanor and Park – their relationship is so simple, yet it isn’t. I don’t know, I just adored their relationship with each other. I’ve read my fair share of YA romance and of course I have made ships and what not. But I think my OTP has to be Eleanor and Park.

2. Your top 3 book boyfriends

Oh my, it’s kind of hard to think about all this kind of stuff when I’m practically the least concerned human being when it comes to their own romance.

I’m not gonna lie, I did have to check all of my books to see which one has romance on it and which ones are not – but anyway…

  • Fred Weasley, because I have had a crush on this guy for as long I remember.
  • Matthew Galloway, I found him such a sweet character in The Next Together, and I just love how much he’s so dedicated to Katy/Kate/Katherine and gah! I would definitely want a boyfriend like him
  • Day from the Legend Trilogy – because you gotta have a bad boy on the list.

3. Imagine your favourite book couple. Who would propose, and how? (If there’s already been a proposal: who would be more into organizing the wedding?)

Again, Eleanor and Park – I think it’s going to take these two to propose to each other. But if I really think about it, I would say park will be the one to propose, and he will do it through comic books and playlists – I don’t know I’m imagining this whole ordeal where it takes him a while to actually propose slowly hinting to Eleanor that he wants to get married to her, through giving her comic books that maybe with little notes or crease pages or circled words and letters. Like a code of some sort, or through giving her a playlist to listen to and in the end he asks her to marry him.

Or something like that.

4. Unpopular opinions time! Name a popular pairing you can’t stand

As much as I love Peeta and Katniss as individual characters, I don’t think that they should have ended up together. I don’t know, it felt like Katniss was forcing herself to love Peeta, and I liked their romantic relationship, but when you really look at their relationship, it feels like only Peeta was invested in it. Granted Katniss was busy saving Panem and such, but still.

5. What’s your favourite and least favourite romance trope?

In terms of novel romance tropes I feel like I tend to really enjoy tragic romantic stories, where the ending doesn’t really end in a “and they all lived happily ever after” kind of thing. For instance, the Legend Trilogy, you will know what I mean if you’ve read the books. Then, there’s also The Fault In Our Stars, Eleanor and Park (didn’t necessarily end the way I wanted it too, but I loved the ending nevertheless).

But, what I really dislike is the predictable kind of love stories – i.e. Anna and the French Kiss, where the girls acts like “Oh, I can’t/won’t fall-in-love with him he has a girl/boyfriend” or “(s)he’s my friend” and falls in love with the guy/girl anyway. And when they confess their love for each other, the guy/girl suddenly pronounces “I have loved you the moment I met you” and I’m just like… asdfghjkl – and I want to throw the book across the room and just asdfghjkl;

6. Do you ship non-canon couples often? Name some if you do

On some occasions, I do. For instance, Neville and Luna or Harry and Hermione.

I really did want Harry and Hermione to end up together, I was a little heartbroken to find out that Hermione actually likes Ron romantically – but nevertheless they’re cute together.

7. Your opinion on love triangles. Go!

Why?! Just… Why?! If you really did love the first person in the first place, you wouldn’t go falling/wanting a relationship with a different person. I can not stand love triangles! I can’t even begin to understand the concept of it… just why?!

8. Favourite and least favourite love triangle?

None and all of them!

9. Sometimes romance just isn’t the way to go. Favourite friendship?

As much as I shipped Hermione and Harry as a couple, they are also my favourite male-female platonic friendship there ever was. I just love seeing them together be it as a couple or as just friends.

beautiful-cute-friendship-harry-and-hermione-favim-com-381065110. What’s your favourite scene with your bookish OTP?

I’d say when Park stood up to Steve because of how much Eleanor is being bullied and he couldn’t take it anymore. I really liked that scene, and how he explained later on, how Steve could have easily beaten him up, but nevertheless, he earned my full respect and admiration.

11. Imagine your favourite book couple again. Who’s most excited about Valentine’s Day (either ironically or genuinely)?

I have no idea… like, they are so different from what you would normally think of a couple would be – they’re awkward (but cute) together, and it’s just hard to tell who would be more excited. But, I think it would be Eleanor.

Now, for the people I’m tagging,

And to anyone who wants to participate, play along!

See ya later,

Nielle xx



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