(Happy) Valentine’s Day!

Hello lovely people of the internet,

It’s Valentine’s Day, and tomorrow’s chocolates are going to be cheap and I will be spending my money on many, many chocolates and indulge myself in their deliciousness. While others celebrate with their boyfriends/girlfriends or wives/husbands, I am in bed with my laptop writing this post – just after work, and making up plans on how I am going to be blogging from now on.

Since I am single and too introverted to mingle, today is just like any normal day.

I have places to be, adventures to go to, meetings to attend, people to meet and a planet to save…


So instead of a person, or a single individual – I am spending my Valentine’s Day with a book all snuggled up in my bed in this cold February evening.

Also, there’s food and hot chocolate, featuring my purple pyjamas (that I’ve owned since I was 13) and my pink (although I dislike the colour) bathrobe – because they are the cosiest clothing items to have!

What have you guys been up to?





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