Book Review: The Emotional Edge by Crystal Andrus Morissette


Format: eARC

Pages: 366

Genre: Self-help

Publisher: Harmony Books (Crown Publishing)

Rating: 4.5/5

The Emotional Edge is a book about how to become empowered, it is a self-help book which give you guidance in finding out what your emotional age is and how you can become an empowered individual.

This is a book that is something that people who feel that they have been disempowered, or have felt disempowered their whole lives. Andrus Morissette gives us excellent guidance with the ways in which you can become empowered.
The idea of an ’emotional age’ is something that I have never heard of before, but it surely is something that has caught my interest, and I enjoyed how Morissette gave an explanation for each emotional archetypes and their sub-archetypes – where upon reading this information, you can then create a plan following through the next chapters.
This book goes through many different stages of how you can improve and become empowered – for instance in chapter three it teaches you about the different communication styles: passive, passive aggressive and aggressive communication style, then on how you can work on your communication with others. Lastly Morissette will guide you in finding your purpose in life.

Overall, I think that this is an excellent book for anyone who wants to feel empowerment, or like me, who are just curious about what the emotional edge is, and just want to know more about different concepts on age and communicating with others.

I was really interested in the book because of the topics that it covers, such as the idea of learned helplessness and the emotional spectrum which I found all very interesting topics.

I would also like to thank Blogging for Books, NetGalley, Crown Publishing and the author for providing me this copy of The Emotional Edge in exchange for an honest review. 



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