Currently Reading: The Emotional Edge by Crystal Andrus Morissette

Recently I have become a member of Blogging for Books and NetGalley, and for my first book I got approved for is “The Emotional Edge” by Crystal Andrus Morissette

Now, I’m not much of a self-help book reader but it is in our human nature to be curious of things not quite familiar to us – without our natural curiosity we wouldn’t be sending people out into space or trying to find life outside our solar system! But as usual I digress from the original purpose of my post.

The Emotional Edge is a book that guided you through ways in which you can become an empowered individual. It certainly is quite interesting to me as I am studying sociology and there’s quite some sociological concepts you can find in this book. Then there is the matter is psychology too… the concept of having an emotional age is quite interesting that it doesn’t have to do with our biological, sociological or pyschological age – but the way we act and present ourselves to others.

Certainly, many people have read the book and has given it great reviews about how it has helped them and the steps and what Andrus Morissette teaches help them in becoming empowered.

I on the otherhand am reading thi book for pleasure reading, yes the book is quite informative in the many different emotional ages and I found myself thinking about my own experiences…

Well, that is all for now.

I’m currently at work and taking my break and I go back in a few minutes (10.00 am) it’s currently 9.55 and I am out!


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