Book Review: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan (Puffin Chalk) | Get The Book Here (Amazon)

  • Pages: 207
  • Genre: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
  • Publisher: Penguin Group
  • Edition: Puffin Chalk

I have been wanting to read the book for quite a while now, since it has been a long time since the last time I have read Peter Pan (the Disney picture book) and it was due time that I finally read Barrie’s original story.

Firs of all I would just like to say how much I adore this edition, I was in Waterstone’s looking at the children’s book section trying to find Peter Pan, and I did find quite a few editions that I wanted – but I was drawn by the frayed pages of the Puffin Chalk edition, not only that but I really liked the rustic feel that I got from it.

We all know that story of the boy who would not grow up – of how three children went off to a far away land where no one ages no matter how long they have lived, of their adventures with fairies, mermaids, redskins and of course, pirates!

Peter Pan was originally a play that J.M. Barrie wrote, later became a book – which after then has been adapted into many, many versions and most prominent of them all is the Disney version of the story.

But after reading this book, I found it quite more charming and endearing than that of the film – although it is all pretend and make believe, I found myself reverting back to my childhood and how carefree we were then. How much we wanted our parents to just leave us alone to be children and play all day long – and yet, we do miss their presence and we do want to have them back as soon as they are out of sight.

Then, as I was reading I realised what a horrific boy Peter Pan truly was – he’s wild, cocky and selfish. He only ever thought of himself and never of others. He is a tyrant who only want things done his way (i.e. they only eat real food when he says so, and most of the time it is make believe) and that no one is allowed to know what he does not (for instance, about what twins were). Instead of being an example of an innocent child, he is actually not quite that good of an influence, but then again he is the boy who refuses to grow up.

However, he wasn’t all that bad. He still has that air of innocence around him, and it did break my heart when you can see how truly lonely he is, and how he is afraid of being left alone no matter what he says. Although he is repulsed by grown-ups and the very idea of growing up, he still seeks a mother who would hold him when he has nightmares, someone who would take care of him.

I really liked the writing style too, it feels like someone is reading you a bed time story. That was what I was thinking throughout the whole book, just a parent reading to their child the story of Peter Pan and his adventure with the Lost Boys and the Darlings.

The book in general was very entertaining, cute and also sometimes a little disturbing because of Peter. Even after all this revelation, it is still my favourite children’s book!


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