Ramblings: Where Do You Read?

Hello my lovelies,

I feel like I am on a roll this year with all of these blog posts coming in like clockwork! I have been spending quite a fair amount of time just coming up with ideas on what I can be blogging about. Of course it takes time for me to come up with something that completely relates to book blogging – since sometimes I just tend to ramble on about random things – as I am doing now.

Today, I will be sharing with you where I read.Now I am not a very particular person when it comes to the places where I read – so long as I am comfortable and left alone then I will be happy wherever I read. I practically read everywhere – from my bed, to the kitchen, dining room, the lounge, my parents bedroom, the bus, the bus stop, during form time in school, at the canteen etc. If I could, I would also probably read in the shower (I do not like taking baths).

However, I do read quite a lot in school – i.e. when I have two hours free before any of my lessons, I would be reading or writing reviews and all that kind of stuff instead of actually doing some school work for once. Right now is an example of how I should be writing my coursework but here I am writing this blog post instead. But, I can’t take a picture of my school at all because I would like to be kept anonymous to the internet as much as I can – in spite of always sharing quite a lot about myself. But you know, privacy and security!

But, I can take a picture of where I read most inside the house, and that would be my bed!

The comfort my duvet and reading gives me is just lush, and I don’t think there is any way I could explain the feeling I get when I’m all tucked in with my books and just living in all of these different worlds and escaping my own for a ‘few’ hours.

Well, that is all that I have to say – I think, about the place where I read!

What about you? Where do you read?


Nielle xx



2 thoughts on “Ramblings: Where Do You Read?

  1. I can totally relate about the places where you said you read… It’s quite everywhere hahah, and if I get really interested ina book, in one day you can see me in my house on ten different places. Teddy bear is so cute tho hahah, keep posting!

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