Bookish Haul #1 and Ramblings

Hello my lovelies,

It has been a few days since I last created a content on my blog – I have been quite busy with school work and with work in general. I have been so preoccupied that I still haven’t finished reading A Little Life – even though I have been dying to read it!

But anyway – enough with the excuses and on with the post!

I am here with you today to talk about a bookish and stationery haul that I did just a couple of days ago when I was in London! I do hope that this will be a recurring post as I am planning on buying more bookish knickknacks and whatnot for the duration of my career as a book blogger and bookstagramer as I have realized how bland my photographs are.

Although, I do take a pleasure in splurging all my money on all the bookish little knickknacks that I can get my hands on, and I feel like London is just the place for that!

So, I went to London for a couple of days – you know just to go and visit the City, and I love it there. There is so much energy coming from the Londoners. When I went to take a walk in Kensington Gardens early in the morning, there were so many people taking their morning walks and jogs and I just felt so energized.

Furthermore, their bookshops are so much bigger than from where I live – like 3 times bigger and I just have a massive nerdfest going on in my head and I just go crazy looking at all the titles that gets added to my long list of ‘Books to Buy’ – and as usual I keep on digressing!

Here are the things that I bought!

  • Bookmark – as much of a reader I am, I haven’t actually owned a proper book mark since I was like 10 or something… And since I am reading a hell of a massive book – I latched on to the opportunity to get some bookmarks!
    • One with an owl design on it 
    • A Harry Potter bookmark set! 
  • Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Photography Tips – so, I have become more active on Instagram and I felt like I deserved to buy something that should help me with my photography skills – however, I have not read it yet and my dad is reading it instead. 
  • The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett  and Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire FullerI was at Westfield in London, and I didn’t bring any reading material with me at all, so I decided to buy a book that I could read. However, I ended up buying two books from WHSmith – but they were on a promo, buy one get one for £1 – so I took the bait and bought these two books! I have yet to read them – but once I have I shall tell you how it went!

  • Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig – Now, I have heard so many good things about this book by Matt Haig, and I have been curious… hence I got the book to read for myself after I have finished with A Little Life.
  • Sticky Notes – So, Paperchase were having a Christmas sale, and I just couldn’t resist buying any stationery for me to stare at and only use after 3 years. I mean, they were practically begging me to buy them with that red sticker on it saying that it is now half price – so I took the bait and bought it!
  • Quidditch Through the Ages by Kennilworthy Whisp (J.K. Rowling) – My Harry Potter collection would not be complete without Quidditch Through the Ages!
That is all… for now. I’m pretty sure that when people say haul they mean like 10 or more items, but mine is just a few bits – but they did cost me quite a bit of money, so I consider this a haul. But I am hoping that in the future I will be doing more of this kind of stuff!
Also, I am planning on starting a Harry Potter collection – by this I mean collecting Harry Potter wands, and all that kind of stuff and I just want to start collecting them – it seems like a fun hobby (albeit quite an expensive one) but I am willing to do it. I have started with the bookmark – and next time I am in Hamley’s I might buy the Marauders map (which costs £32.00 – and that is quite expensive – but I really want to have a copy of the map! Then there’s also the matter of whose wand should I buy first?!

I have to save up quite a bit of money just to buy one thing for the collection, but I am willing to pay the price for them.

What else can I say…

I have also started collecting Disney Tsum Tsums – and they are so adorable, however quite expensive… But nevertheless, I would quite like to have stuff to collect apart from books!
Also, I am running out of space to put my books in – like, the bookshelf that I bought like two months ago is already filled and I am now stacking my new books on top of it means I need more shelf space! So, I am looking at the cheapest bookcase that I can find and hope that it will fit in my room!
If only I like reading ebooks and not hard copies of books – I wouldn’t have this problem!
Well, that is all for today folks!
Nielle xx

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