Tips: How to Get out of a Reading Slump

Hello my lovelies,

I have ran out of ideas as to what I can blog about – and I haven’t read many books, as far as the year is going.

Although, I may have something that I can talk to you guys about and maybe an idea/advice I could give you when it comes to tackling a reading slump – even though you have an impressive TBR list.

We all have had those times when we can’t just seem to focus on just reading our books – sometimes we feel even more pressured when just thinking about the long list of books you have yet to read.

Therefore, in today’s blog I will be (hopefully) helping you with your reading slumps!


  1. Wait this one out
    • not a very a very good start – but often when you can’t seem to focus on the words written across the page, it is better to take some time out from reading and experience other things apart from your books. Maybe the reason why you’re having such a hard time with reading is because you’ve spent so much time that you may have to take a break from it all for a little bit. Then, next time you pick up a book you’ll feel much more in tuned and interested in what you’re reading.
  2. Blogging/Journaling
    • If you have a blog – why don’t you focus on that for now. Maybe write some reviews of books that you have read but not had the time to write feedbacks about them, why not make a post about reading slumps (as I am doing now). Or if you are more on the artistic side of creativity – then you may want to spend some time journaling and creating works of art!
  3. Re-read one of your favourite books
    • I know quite a few people who loves to re-read their books, especially if it is their favourite. I am not much of the re-reader type – but when I don’t feel like reading the books on my TBR list in that particular moment, I do take my old books off of the shelf and re-read them. There’s nothing like bringing back memories of the adventures you’ve been in before the slump settled in. I was in a reading slump several weeks ago – and all I did was re-read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and I was happy enough to start new adventures again!
  4. Visiting a bookstore
    • this is one of my favourite things to do when I don’t particularly feel like picking up any books and read. Just entering a bookshop always motivates me to read more – and hopefully it does you as well. There’s just something with the ambiance of a bookshop that inspires you to read and spend time with books – and it certainly reminds me of how much I love reading.
  5. Join a book club or a Reading Buddy
    • I’ve only ever done this once, and it was with my cousin. I was in a deep reading slump and I couldn’t bring myself to open the book and read anymore of the words. Thankfully, my cousin was already reading the same book as I was (Me Before You) and so we started talking to each other about the book and where we’ve left off. And, it’s always nice being able to talk about a book with someone who is in the same page as you (quite literally).
  6. Read a book that you know you will love
    • If you are like me, a person with an extensive stack of books in her TBR list – there might be a book within that stack of books that you have been dying to read and just hadn’t had the time to do so – therefore, I suggest that you go ahead and start reading that book!
  7. Go for a walk; bake something; do some DIYs; go to a coffee shop; DO SOMETHING APART FROM READING
    • When you are on a reading slump, you may well want to do something outside of reading – go on an adventure, explore the neighbourhood, find your new favourite coffee shop, start a new DIY project… just do something that will take your mind off of reading and just enjoy the world around you – until you miss reading and want to get back to it. But like on most things, you have to have a break from reading as well.

That is all the tips and advise that I have for you lovely people! I do hope that I helped – even if a little bit when it comes to your reading slumps.

What about you, what do you guys do when you’re on a reading slump and just don’t feel like reading at all?
Bye and love you lots,
Nielle xx

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