Would You Rather: Drop your book (accidentally) in the toilet or into a bonfire? 

Hello my lovelies,

I quite like writing stuff like these, gives me time to ramble and stuff – so today I present you with another “Would You Rather” post.

For us book lovers – it is always, always hard for us when our books get water damaged or even a little spill of water makes us weep.

So let’s talk about the worst case scenario is that will happen to our dearest books.

  1. Accidentally drop it in the toilet
  2. Accidentally drop it in a bonfire 

Have I got a story to tell? Why, of course I do! I often ramble on my posts and often there is a story that needs telling! Or the simple fact that I just like sharing too much information about myself and the life I live.

A fair warning about the following contents in blue – there might be too much information being shared here that most people may not want to read at all – so I’ll summarise what I said in the blue bits into the following sentences:

  • I would rather have to watch my book being dropped into the toilet granted that said toilet is clean and has not been used recently… If not then I would just have to suffer through it and cry myself to oblivion.

Personally, I would rather watch my book drop into the toilet, rather than watch it burn in a bonfire. Now, you must be thinking “Why the hell would you rather the toilet than just let it burn… if you drop it in the toilet then it would get wet and it’s toilet water and that is disgusting! I wouldn’t even touch my book anymore if that happened – might as well burn it!” 

Well, let’s say you accidentally dropped your book into the toilet bowl – just after you’ve finished cleaning it with bleach and made sure that it is all sanitised and all clean and not disgusting – and it lands on the bowl but doesn’t touch the toilet water at all, just the sides of the bowl. Wedged there and just staring you in the face as your heart pumps so fast and you’re still in shock and you don’t know what you’re doing and you just want to cry. Then you realise… the book is okay and thank God you just cleaned it and that there are no traces of unspeakable things there at all.

Let’s just say, that happened to me and my book. But, if it was on the worst case scenario – I would just stare at the toilet bowl, and be all melodramatic and cry and sob and just be hysterical about me dropping my precious book into the toilet. Add on all the anguish screams and cries! 

Whereas, if you chose the bonfire, you will never see that book again and all the memories you’ve made with it. You may be able to buy another copy of the exact same book – but it will never be the same again!

I swear, I need to censor some of the posts that I create – but then I wouldn’t be being true to myself and my readers – but I don’t think anyone would like to hear anything about other people’s business in the toilet… but here we are anyway.


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