Bookish Ramblings: A Bet with the Brother

Hello my lovelies,

So it has been a day since my last post – in which I shared with you guys my being nominated for the Liebater award.

But today, we go back to the usual bookish ramblings and whatnot that I provide you.

So far I have managed to write a post almost everyday for the past week – and that is an achievement for me, and it makes me happy to say that I’m glad that there are people who reads them and likes them too.

But I’m digressing to the matter at hand!

Today I am going to talk to you about book buying ban (and how I got myself into one)!

Every month I tend to go over board with buying books – and hence my massive to be read list… My little brother has given me an ultimatum this month up to February and that is – to not buy a single book from 7th of January up to the 29th of February, otherwise if I do I would then have to pay him £5. And if I go through the whole two months without buying anything and finishing all of my reading – then he gets to pay me £5.

This is something that we do when I go overboard with spending money on books – especially when I already have a tonne of books in my shelves that has yet to be read.

But I am hoping to win, and that I won’t have to spend any money on books for the next 2 months and that I won’t have to pay my little brother any money!

Also, I have to save up the money because I am going on a holiday abroad next month and I don’t want to not have any pocket money for the time I will be there!


Nielle xx


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