Would You Rather: Paperback vs Hardback

I have decided to create another post about books and their format, here is the previous one that I made before – but this time it’s between paperbacks and hardbacks instead of hardcopy and e-book.

So, just like before… I would like to ask book lovers like me out there whether they would rather buy the hardback version of the book or the paperback version.

I myself am not completely fussed about this, when I was quite adamant that I would rather buy the hardcopy of the book, in a higher price, rather than buy an e-book (which is by far cheaper than the hardcopy). But when it comes to the hardcopy format of the book I do not mind it at all.

It all depends on the available edition that I can get my hands on – if there is only paperback available in my local bookstore, then I will be buying the paperback version.

I am the impatient kind of person when it comes to book releases, especially when I really want to read a book. Granted that paperbacks are cheaper than the hardback versions, if the hardback is the only immediate version available to me at that moment in time then I will buy the hardback version no matter the cost – for instance, this afternoon I went to my local Waterstones, and I really wanted to buy A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and I’ve been planning on buying the book for quite some time – so I ended up buying the book – and the best part is that it turns out to be on a half-price sale, so I guess it doesn’t really count.

But, as I was saying… when it comes to books and their formats (hardcopy-wise) I will buy what is available for me at the time that I wanted to buy it.

Although I have to say that most of my books are Paperback editions, since they are the only available versions that have been available at the time that I bought them. Furthermore, they’re almost always in the ‘Buy One Get One Half-Price’ table, so I’ve got no complaints. I’m still a sucker for bargains and that’s where you’ll find me in any store to be fair – where the sales section is.

When it comes to recently published books, I do pay the full price for them – because it’s fair enough and I don’t mind spending money on my books. I would rather buy books over clothing – although not over food, food and books are on the top of my lists of definitely going to spend all my money on.

I digressed in the last paragraph – but I tend to ramble as you know. But, that is the end of this post!

Would really be interested on your thoughts!

Happy Reading xx


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