Plans for 2016 by a Bookish Girl

It isn’t long until the New Year is upon us! And as we do every year we make a list of resolutions – things that we will do differently in the year coming.

I am one of those people wo writes a list and barely do any of those things on that list at all – although, I never actually made any resoltions for 2015 – apart from finding a part-time job – which I managed! (and hopefully will be able to keep!)

 But anyway – this coming year, I have made another list – which I will hopefully stick to! Because, I know that I should really do stick to it!

  1. Write more blog posts – because I don’t write enough now, and it doesn’t feel like that I deserve the followers that I have when I don’t even provide them with any reason to be following me at all
  2. Be more sociable – both on the internet and in real life, because as much as I love my books – I am aware that I actually have very limited human contact outside my immediate family!
  3. Read at least 10 books that are classics 
  4. Host a giveaway when reaching a mileston – although this will only be a possibility if I have the money to spare, so don’t look forward for this one at all! 
  5. Control the amount of books that I buy! 
  6. Read all of the books on y TBR list
  7. Participate in challenges 
  8. Go on an adventure – this means go outside more, even just for a short walk because it isn’t healthy to stay inside all the time
  9. Stop being a pain to your parents – because I am and my mum is getting sick and tired of my admittedly unpleasant attitude when it comes to housechores
  10. Talk to friends more often 

And that is all I have – and they’re not very bookish I know , but it is a plan I am willing to stick to next year!

Thank you all for sticking around and reading my blog posts, be it about random things or when I review books that I love (or dislike)!

You all have a happy and prosperous new year! 


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