Bookish Ramblings: Books and what inspired my love of them

Hello there my dear readers,
I am here today with a post from yours truly – after days of trying to figure out what I should post about in my blog, which I have now given the brand of a book blog – I finally came up with something!
Isn’t that great?!
Okay, so this post is going to be about who (or what) inspired my love for books – this can be either a person, a book itself or just a sudden dawning on the fact that books are actually quite the irreplaceable friends you will ever need.
So let us get on with the post!

I wasn’t always such a massive fan of books – at some point in my childhood I actually disliked books, especially if they did not have any pictures in them that I could look at.

But, that did change, eventually when I grew up a little bit older. When I could finally appreciate the words and the stories they tell you. I think, I have my parents to thank for my love of books.

Although, they themselves do not read books for pleasure (I think it’s just me and my little brother who actually enjoys books, in my family anyway) – they encouraged me (us) to read more. I remember getting fairy tale books for presents when I was like 8 or something.

Then there’s also my grandparents (mother side) who were quite the readers themselves, and back when I was like in year 3 or 4 or 5 we made one of the rooms in our house like a little library (and also where I took my afternoon naps) and there were volumes and volumes of encyclopaedias everywhere – and we didn’t have the internet at my household back then so I had to do my research for school the old way – of course with the help of my parents.

I remember when I was, probably around 9 or 10, my grandparents sent like 50 novels that they have read back to the house – ’cause they used to live in America and I was back in my home country… so, anyway -they sent it to us, and I was so confused as to why they have. But, anyway – we displayed it and no one really touched them.

But, being the curious child that I was, I decided to pick one up and attempted to start reading it. I think it was the Da Vinci Code or a James Patterson book – I can’t remember, all I know is that they were not age appropriate and I couldn’t understand half the words they were saying so I gave up on that.



But there was one book that I really like whilst growing up, and that was this book on the left.  I remember how I just adored the book when I was younger, and am so happy that I managed to get a copy of the book at a charity shop last year.

However, this was not the book that inspired my love for books – nope.

It was this book…


Hey Guys, this might actually be the first time I’m showin’ part of me face.

I know, it’s very cliché and all that – but after reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I was in-love. I couldn’t put the book down and I just wanted to read it all the time. Thank God that this was like in 2004 so books 1 – 5 were already out, and they kept me busy.

After that, it resulted in a bookworm!

Now, all I do is buy and read books – and it’s something that I am really proud of, even though I have no social life to speak of – I can talk your ears out about all the books that I have read and loved and what I hated about the adaptations.

I thought that I was actually the only one who loved books as much as I do – but with the internet and all the social media and with everyone from different parts of the world being able to connect in a single touch, I have found a community who shares the same passion as I do.

And, I’m thankful for my parents and grandparents for encouraging me to read more books as a child (and for making me take piano lessons, even though I wanted to do ballet instead) I don’t think I wouldn’t be the same person as I am now.

I think I would be very different without my books – I probably be more social, or have a life apart from the life I live now – but who cares about that. But, most important of all, I don’t think I would be as knowledgeable as I am now if I don’t have my books. I wouldn’t be as open minded as I am now.



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