Rambling about my Bookworm Problems

As you all may know already, I am a massive fan of books and that almost every post that I write is about books. Yes, well – this post is not so different from the other posts that I have created in the past 4 months that I have been blogging. Yes, it is going to be about books.

But! Not only about books, but about a self-proclaimed bookworm and her problems of being her self-made title.

The thing is, being someone who loves books the way I love books, you can’t control the urge to keep on buying books – even though you probably have a ridiculous amount of books in your TBR list that haven’t been touched since the day you bought them eons ago!

Therefore, in this post I will be writing about my experiences as a bookworm – or a book addict or a bibliophile – call e whatever you want, and the problems that comes with it all.

No. 1 You buy too many books

This is my number one problem. As I said, being a bookworm is great because you get to read all of the books there is in the world and you can enjoy quality entertainment without the adverts and commercials that are always popping up when watching a TV show, and being able to ignite your imagination with the words right in front of you (sometimes I doubt I make any sense when writing things down, and I am too lazy to correct myself or explain myself).

But the thing is, there is the problem of wanting to buy every single book there is in the existence of human records! I certainly have this problem because not only three-weeks ago I banned myself from buying anymore books because of the fact that I seem to be buying a new one every week even though I haven’t even started with the book that I bought like three months ago because of the amount that I have in a pile.

With buying so many books at a short amount of time, you are bound to run out of space – and this is what infuriates my parents as I basically have books everywhere in the house, and well they make a cluttered mess and are (apparently) unsightly if they’re just in a pile in one corner of the living room.

No. 2 There is no space to place every book

As I mentioned above, I have too many books and too little space to put them in. So I have like one side of my bed room filled with books, piles of them and there is nothing I can do about it, since I have such a tiny bedroom, and I am not allowed to place nay of my books in any of the shelves in the living room because they too are filled with my family’s books, DVDs and games. As well as the fact that there is a massive keyboard in the middle of the room, and it’s not like the flat is big.

No. 3 There is just too many books to choose from

Being a bookworm means there are so many books you can choose from, especially if you’re like me who isn’t fussed about the genre as long as it is a great book to read – then you have a problem in your hands, because there is just so much choice, so much books to buy and to read – but so little money and so little space and so little time to read all of them.

You may say that – there is the library or you could buy the e-book version – but I like having my own paper/hardback copy of the book – my very own. I don’t want to have to give it back after two weeks, I want to keep it in my shelves or piles of books so I can admire it and then re-read again and again and again, without the hassle of having to go to the library only to find that it is actually on loan so I have to wait for weeks on end before I can finally read it again. And I believe that I’ve already established that I am not a very big fan of e-books.

Now the following two on the list isn’t really a problem – but I think that it is a problem, because I find it as a problem and I dislike it and I am going to go an a rant about these two on the list.

No. 4 Movie adaptations of books you’ve read

Now, this is something that infuriates me every time a book is adapted into a movie and the adaptation is just so overly wrong and just no!

If you’re going to create a movie adaptation of a book, then stick to what happens to the book and don’t add new things that doesn’t add anything to the story line or remove the important bits that is vital to the story!


No. 5 Lending books – either you get it back in horrible condition or say goodbye to that book forever

I dislike lending my books to anyone! I mean it.

I will recommend people books, and if they ask whether they can borrow it I always, always refuse – and I will tell them that “I’m recommending it, but I recommend you buy your own copy”

Traumatized I was when a girl from my class when I was like in year 7 borrowed a book from me and I’ve never seen that book ever again – I think it was my copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and I cried and I never talked to that girl ever again and I seriously am still angry that I never got that book back – because it was my favourite book!

Then there’s also the fact that you lend someone a book that is in pristine condition, by this I mean like no stains of the spine is still looking like you just bought it from the book store – yes well, other people seem to forget that that isn’t their book and decide to bend the spine as far as they could, or read the book that you lent them in the bath and then – oopsie-daisy it fell in the bath and now it’s water-damaged and you’re seething in anger and you just want to asdfghjkl




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