Christmas Wishlist 2k15

Good Evening my lovelies, 

What’s this? Two days in a row?! 

What madness?!!! 

Any who, I’ve decided that I will be blogging everyday this month – or so I say but maybe every other day, 💁🏻💁🏻 who knows maybe sporadically throughout December? 

But in all seriousness, I’m back again! 

So let’s talk Christmas – because there’s only 23 sleeps left before the Christmas and I can feel me self start to get excited little by little. 

Who writes or creates a Christmas Wishlist? Hands-up 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻 

Well so do I! Highfive 🙌🏼

I know I used to write all the things I wish Santa Claus would get me when I was little – although I knew from a young age he wasn’t real, simply because I never once received a gift saying “from Santa Claus” – or is that an indication I’ve always been a naughty child? 

But anyway, yes Christmas Wishlist! I remember writing once that I wanted to exchange my little brother for a little sister – because I apparently made a mistake asking for a little brother – like what?! 

But this year I’ve become more practical! I have written a Wishlist that even I could buy everything on the list… You ready? 

Here we go: 

  1. Food – endless amount of it
  2. Books (preferably the ones I’ve listed on the post yesterday) 
  3. New bedsheets – my old ones I’ve realised are too dark… My emo phase is finished and time to embrace who I really am – a geek who really really love owls and floral crap! 🌼 (where is the owl emoji?!!!) 
  4. Jumpers – because who doesn’t love a jumper? But according to my father dear, I own too any already but who cares? 💁🏻
  5. A new bookshelf – since the one I just bought is already filling up and I don’t think the parents will appreciate books all over the house again
  6. A scarf, a glove and a hat – because it’s England and its f/ing freezing! 
  7. New Doc Martens – burgundy ones please 😍😍

Okay I think that’s all – well that’s all I can think of anyway. 

I’m not that demanding of a person am I? Simple things that makes me happy, and I think the most expensive item that I’ve listed would be the Doc Martens – but really I’m not even fussed about whether I get those or not since I’ve still got a good pair 😍😊 

But, in reality that list isn’t what I really want for Christmas – nope, not at all. I’m not a very materialistic girl and I would rather buy this things for myself rather than have other people buy it for me. 

I suppose all I need this Christmas is to spend time with the family and some quality time with friends who are off at uni who are coming down to visit during the holidays, there’s nothing like spending time with the people who matters to you the most during the holidays. 😊

Happy holidays everyone! 


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