When creativity strikes! 

Between years 9 through to 11 art had been my passion – I spent countless hours drawing and creating art from different mediums. 

I was never without my creative muse and I always had something to draw or sketch or doodle. 

Then I entered sixth form and that was when I stopped (not completely) doing art, I became so obsessed with my school work and trying to make sure that I was going to pass my exams and that I’m not losing my head. 

I still had bursts of creativity here and there – drawing some of my favourite characters, painting the furniture in my house, sketching a random chibi or making patterns on the front covers of my journals. 

Only recently, did I start creating art again. I was suddenly struck with ideas of what I can draw and what I should be doing with my free time. 

I realised how stressed I’ve become with school, and how I compeletely abandoned one of my passions only to be replaced with stress and anxiety. 

So, a week ago, I held a pen in my hand and started to draw – and the result is what your ill see below.   

I plan on keeping art as something that relaxes me, something that will keep me sane when school takes its toll on my mind and starts breaking it. It’s my anchor when things don’t go well, and when things are going well. 


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